Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the suitcase and packing

two months ago i picked up a suitcase from the side of the road.  not as sketchy as it sounds.  but it had been in storage for an undisclosed amount of time and after sitting in my basement, unfortunately still had that dank musty smell.  so i did what any normal person would do.  ripped out the entirety of the insides..
frank inspected, frank approved.  i guess i never considered it, but did you know old suitcases are made of wood?  idk what the hell else i thought they would have been made of...but that was a shock.  and after an hour it already smelled 100x better.  it is currently living under my kitchen counter as a pseudo stool. 

what else did i find in the suitcase?  a straight razor.  probably older than i am.
definitely not holding that shit against my face.  or anyones.  anywhere. 

other packing pics
frank was concerned with my packing abilities.  i was too. but three large suitcases, 6 under-bed tubs, and a dresser = all my clothes.  just fyi... the suitcases were probably 60-70 pounds each.  i pack like a bamf.  
mostly empty room.  with all the little nail holes patched and painted.  like i never lived there..  sad.


  1. for your suitcase: http://blog.modcloth.com/2012/01/05/just-in-suitcase-a-novel-furnishing-idea

  2. definitely been considering something like that but im running out of floor space for chairs..


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