Friday, January 6, 2012

thrifting in portland

so a google maps search tells me there are 6 thrift store in downtown portland.  yesterday i went to goodwill in north portland.  it was...not savers.  sigh.  but i found some good stuff and the 50% color of the day was green.  so for $35:
1 green margarita glass, 1 purple wine glass, and two peach wine glasses
2 tacky vintage water/juice glasses

since im extra awesome, i bought 4 little patterned plates...and 5 bowls.  cos i apparently cannot count for shit.  and 4 nice relatively simple dansk plates [brand new] for $1 each! 

i bought books too.  less interesting picture-wise but a james patterson and ja jance.  paperback murder mysteries abound in thrift stores!  and if i werent such a horder i could just donate them back again when i was done.  ...dont count on it.

of course i couldnt get out of a thrift store without a few items of clothes..  please excuse the pained look on my face.  idk what went horribly wrong
whiteish knit blazer that i need to take in on the sides
burgundy corduroy cropped blazer [can you tell im hoping for a job soon?]
wrap skirt from express.  definitely to be worn over leggings.  not only is it a bit sheer.. it doesnt really wrap that well.  its the right size but there is about 2" of overlap at the top.  not for windy days... but hopefully springtime in maine?

linking up to spunky chateau's thursdays are for thrifters


  1. I love that long wrap skirt, so pretty! Looks like you got some great deals! I picked up quite a few books when I went thrift shopping this week too. And I have no intention of donating them back. What can I say? I like the look of a well stocked book shelf. Thanks for linking up with Thursdays are for Thrifters!

  2. my bookshelf is more than overflowing and it was a pain to move all of them. i already promised one of the books to a friend when i finish, so one less to add to the pile later!

    thanks again for hosting!

  3. i like the skirt also and the white blazer, although i would never wear white...HA!

  4. sigh. someday. you will embrace all colors instead of black, purple, maybe navy, and dark green. hahha


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