Monday, November 23, 2009

the future of...


any free time from now until after xmas will be spent studying for the GRE, attempting to write a college essay, and figuring out my life goals. that leaves little time for miscellaneous crafties. fortunately, the holidays will be here and gone before we know it. until then, maybe outfit posts. but that's probably it.

happy hiatus.

the "im wearing pants!" clothing post

  • shirt: urban outfitters [and its a nice green. not a washed-out black]
  • black jeans: pacsun
  • shoes: old navy
  • earrings: handmade

  • coat: dillards [mom was buying me calvin klein long before i became obsessed]
  • pin: target
  • dress: h&m
  • leggings: unknown [and yes not pants i know]
  • boots: target

  • scarf: some shop downport [pj village]
  • sweater: dkny
  • long black tank: h&m
  • shiny opaque leggings: forever 21 [yes leggings as pants. for shame. BUT MY ASS WAS NOT HANGING OUT]

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

blond restaurant

for my birthday [and cos amazing long island restaurant week falls on my birthday], my sister took me to blond restaurant of miller place. their website is a little dumpy looking, but their prixe fixe menu for restaurant week was pretty effing amazing.

i started with the crispy calamari with asian vegetable slaw and wasabi aioli. in retrospect i should have ordered the wasabi on the side. i really really do not like the weird not quite spicy burning numbing feel of horseradish. but the rest of the salad was perfect and i even ate some of the tentacley parts. crunchy and fried deliciousness with just a hint of spice.

for the main course i ordered the braised short rib on mashed potato followed by a slice of raspberry cheesecake. never have i had both dinner and dessert melt in my mouth. and i will leave the description at that. AMAZING.

leah ordered the house salad, mushroom risotto [that i actually tried and liked even though i abhor the idea of eating fungi..the great recyclers of the forest floor], and chocolate mousse.

the decor of blond was a bit odd. i felt a little awkward trying to take pics besides the ridiculously dark photo of my fried salad so no documentation. it looked a bit like they had finished remodeling the restaurant [we were told under new management] and then taken random bits of half dried latex paint and thrown it at the walls. perhaps in a style that jackson pollock would have come to at the ripe old age of 98 with cataracts and palsy, had he not died an untimely death.

like the previous sentence, it tried, and failed.

but umm given the givens, i would recommend blond to anyone looking for a delicious but overpriced dinner in a rather snooty-but-trying-to-be-more-bourgoise atmosphere.

and a week late [def not complaining] the guys at work bought me gigantic belated birthday cupcakes!

my hand is there for scale. and as kt can tell you i have gigantic man hands to match my monkey arms. each cupcake [out of a box of 20] weighs .4 pounds. put that in your pipe and smoke it.

closeup of chocolatey swirly goodness. the orange frosting was actually orange flavored too! delish.

crochet inspirations

when we unceremoniously ripped out the remnants of my dead garden..toni saved the green tomatoes which have since been slowly ripening on our front porch.

she also pointed out the ANGRY TOMATOOO

they inspired more autumny crochetage

closeup of eggplant's old man pooch

and this little doggy that has kind of creepy archie-like eyes. no pupils. oh well. he stands up atleast!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


saturday [unlike 65 degree sunday] was perfect for doing yard work. 50, sunny, and just breezy enough to not get too hot but not too much as to blow leaves around. so i delegated toni and jason to yard-help-duty. we cleared out the garden in preparation for next year, toni and jason raked the front yard, and i reorganized the garage for storage, access to stuff in storage, and potential future beer pongage.

150 daffodil bulbs [25 tulips elsewhere]

flower bed minus dead flowers

dun dunnn. mixture of daffodils and tulips waiting to be planted

brussels sprout plant enjoying its last few moments in the sun. they were planted waaaay too late and mostly just sat around being cabbagey instead of sprouty.

daffodils are a member of the onion family. i prefer to eat neither. squirrels on the other hand have since dug up a few as a tasty treat.

that's a cat butt. presumably of the momma frank.


my "i actually have a meeting with a client about an engineering project before the asshole stood me up!" outfit

  • necklace: ny&co
  • cardigan: ann taylor
  • tshirt: calvin klein [has weird blue stains from being washed and then dried with jeans ::ahem::]
  • belt: glassons
  • skirt: theory [neiman marcus last call outlet]
  • footless tights: macys
  • shoes: kenneth cole
my "i talked to the same client on the phone that stood me up and was told i didnt sound like an engineer so i must not be, regardless of the fact that ive done all the work and written the report, but im just a girl so an assets manager must know better" outfit. [emphasis on the ASS-ets part]

  • shirt: old navy
  • necklace: steve & barry [sarah jessica parker line, believe it or not]
  • dress: gap outlet
  • leggings: uniqlo
  • boots: clarks
and i do occasionally wear pants. but they usually look boring. so no pictures.

monster cupcake

this makes me happy. hands down. fangs belong on desserts.

Monday, November 2, 2009

how to make homemade pasta

step 1: be inspired by distant relative [jim this is all your fault]

step 2: wait 3-4 years

step 3: buy pasta machine

step 4: wait another 2 months

step 5: find a table/counter in the kitchen the vise will actually grab onto

step 6: mix 2 C flour, 2 eggs, and pinch o' salt in kitchenaid to avoid floury kitchen explosion

step 7: promptly overmix first batch

step 8: knead first batch into blobby mess

step 9: let dough rest [nearly 1 pound] for an hour while repeating steps 6-9 minus the overmixing step

step 10: roll and cut pasta

step 11: test boil

step 12: admire lengths of spaghetti

step 13: admire and eat cooked pasta

step 14: repeat steps 10-13 until full to bursting

step 15: clean up pasta remnant graveyard and remainder of floury kitchen explosion.

step 16: realize why jim started this process at 1pm...instead of 730pm.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

hello halloween!

our fb party invite [badtz maru, chococat, keroppi, hello kitty]

close up

full costume regalia, made from scratch for under $20 a person.

originally i was going to be the angry penguin and leah was going to be hello kitty. unfortunately, while veeeeery easy to sew polartech is impossibly unforgiving. and i was sick on friday which even after copious amounts of water, ibuprofen, coffee and 13 hours of sleep continued into saturday. and sick + bloaty + bleeh = not fitting into costume. so we switched. and i ended up wearing pink tulle. eep. the end.
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