Monday, November 2, 2009

how to make homemade pasta

step 1: be inspired by distant relative [jim this is all your fault]

step 2: wait 3-4 years

step 3: buy pasta machine

step 4: wait another 2 months

step 5: find a table/counter in the kitchen the vise will actually grab onto

step 6: mix 2 C flour, 2 eggs, and pinch o' salt in kitchenaid to avoid floury kitchen explosion

step 7: promptly overmix first batch

step 8: knead first batch into blobby mess

step 9: let dough rest [nearly 1 pound] for an hour while repeating steps 6-9 minus the overmixing step

step 10: roll and cut pasta

step 11: test boil

step 12: admire lengths of spaghetti

step 13: admire and eat cooked pasta

step 14: repeat steps 10-13 until full to bursting

step 15: clean up pasta remnant graveyard and remainder of floury kitchen explosion.

step 16: realize why jim started this process at 1pm...instead of 730pm.

1 comment:

  1. I'm your great-uncle & wait til you see what culinary plans I have for you THIS year! Jim


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