Monday, January 31, 2011

frank was a discman?

i found this while reorganizing the back basement.  it was in a box of my random high school stuff.  complete with stickers i swiped from the grocery store.  it doesnt actually bring back any memories...aaaand its now in a bag destined for goodwill.
frank in a box in a box.  he sat there contentedly for about 10 minutes.  why?  we shall never know.

winter dressy

failed part time job search outfit #1
  • jacket: romeo & juliet couture
  • tank: kenneth cole
  • skirt: thrifted and resewn
  • over the knee socks: target
failed part time job search outfit #2
  • 3/4 shirt: calvin klein
  • scarf: h&m
  • belt: charlotte russe
  • skirt: target
  • leggings: unknown
  • knee socks: target
  • sweatshirt: zara italy
  • turtleneck: uniqlo
  • overly garish necklace: ny&co
  • badly stretched skinny jeans: gap
  • green tunic/dress: kimchee blue
  • vest: gap
  • skirt: h&m
  • leggings: uniqlo
  • faux suede boots: target
the only purple/black outfit of the bunch
  • sweater: ann taylor
  • floral lace tanktop: bealls outlet [think of the scariest tacky florida store you can fathom.  then its outlet]
  • skirt: target
  • belt: charlotte russe
  • tights: target
that is a lot of pictures of me.  looking displeased.  and all with my hair mostly au naturale.  which i was actually worried about for a period of time.  after returning from the 3 week lounge in florida, i dyed my hair using feria "hi-lift" which is designed especially for dark hair.   welp... minus the fact that it isnt "downtown brown," it is a uniform color, but i thought i had fried the curls out of my hair.  turns out it was mostly cos the weather was 4 degrees and static was high as fuck.  the dry air frizzed my hair straightish for a few days, but since its back to the regular 20-30 degrees all is well. 

i also had some better "failed part time job search outfits" but forgot to take pictures.  

Thursday, January 27, 2011

all i do is sew..

..and sleep, eat, watch battlestar galactica [nerd.  i know], and never leave the house.  but monday that will pretty much die.  january 31st i begin my 2nd semester of grad school.  but until then:
does that look familiar? 
mixed prints [back side is same fabric w/ matching pocket]
most difficult handle ever.
the other side [hanging off a can of quilting basting spray..]
a poor result for handles.  will not attempt in the future
soooo this was inspired by a mutant ice cream cone plush in my sewing book..  mostly it looks like a dementedly colored oversized peas-in-the-pod instead of a banana split.  i guess it could use some happy bananas but i dont have any yellow fluff. 

new smashion store

thanks to carly of chic steals for posting about smashion.  its pretty much the clothing and accessories portion of ebay but designed for people who only what those items.  and listings are free so if things dont sell, i can dump them at goodwill without being out anything but closet space.  there are also albums to post outfit shots and style forums.  click the icon on the right or here to check out my store.  thx.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the secret language of jobs

after being told the following at two restaurants [two days apart..] "ok well, we already have the schedule for this week, but i'll call you when we make the schedule for next week" ...that is not code for "you have a job."  that is a rather convoluted way of saying, "dont call us, we'll call you."  bastards.

but the moral of the story is, when you are expecting a call about waitressing... a professor might just call and offer you a job as a teaching assistant for an undergrad class that is nearly the equivalent of the grad class you really wanted to take but is never offered for lack of students.  or atleast that's how i roll.

no pictures of sewing projects as i am over my 1gig quota...and it takes 24 hours to process new storage space.  booo.

Monday, January 24, 2011

more sewing stuff

joann's carries dwell brand canvas.  so i made totes. 
and the roommate and i have been discussing making random plushies for the new long island children's hospital.  so i attempted to add ears to a pillow.
the result was...less than satisfactory.
and since were also a bunch of dirty hippies we made some reusable produce bags to go with our reusable grocery bags.  the nylon mesh is surprisingly hard to find but not that difficult to sew. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

friday night sewing..

yes i spent my friday night [after delicious homemade jambalaya and the fringe return] making stuff with fabric.  and taking blurryass pictures. the finished product took about 90 minutes.  it would have been faster had i not cut one piece wrong to begin with... but thats thats.

the steps:
cutting with my own janky patterns [or even store patterns] i prefer not to pin.  pattern weights would be nice but think shoe-string-budget.  so i use plastic rulers.  theyre sort of heavy.
sides and back sewn together.  it was supposed to be a wrap type dealio.  that soon changed.
attempting to fit a sleeve
pinning on said sleeve
the back is a little crooked and the right sleeve is a bit fucked up.  get over it.  i did.

in summary: weird sparkly not quite plaid/tweed itchy fabric requires double stitching to reduce fraying and is a bitch to work with.  also, i have discovered about 90% of my sewing does not turn out as planned.  that means i am either a poor seamstress or i have way too lofty ambitions.  both are entirely possible.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

what i want to buy

  • "come dine with kate" print
  • price: 50pounds [us$80]
  • what: print of crochet art
  • why: cos theyre AWESOME and not $1000+ like the actual artworks

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2 years and counting

welp i missed my 2 year "blog-a-versary" by a few days.  damn.  good thing my mom still reads this.

since florida, i have shoveled a declared shitload of snow  [unofficially 20" in my neighborhood] and searched fruitlessly for a part time job.  doing ANYTHING.
see the antennae?  thats my car.
after some help from neighbors.  note, i had to shovel a path thru the yard just to get across the street to my car.  unpictured-helping elderly neighbor shovel out his 2 cars, my roommate's car and our driveway, and a further car-shaped spot next to our driveway for another roommate's car.  and back pain. 

i also attended a housewarming party with a bunch of particle physicists.  and of course i made cupcakes.
yes that is a radiation symbol.  i was going to make the house look like an atom with electrons circling it.. but my fondant decorating pens were a bit dodgy.

neatly arranged in my birthday cupcake tree! needless to say, the radiation cupcakes were readily consumed over the house cupcakes.  and it was explained to me how to actually make a cupcake radioactive using only household materials.  much wine was consumed but the gist was... cannibalize the smoke detector and therein lies some radioactive isotope/element/part.  then schmear it on the cupcake.  voila. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

long exposure sunset

looking north
looking south.  plane in upper left corner
la luna
a pelican shores cottage

i'm on a boat

unless you watch a lot of SNL or are under the age of 30...that title will make absolutely no sense.  its ok.  but i was.  on a boat.
pelicans guarding the drawbridge that separates manasota key from the mainland
some birds waiting for a sea cow to amble by
when youre rich enough to build a concrete seawall and 2-story screened-in outdoor pool with mini waterslide.. you can put out 8 adirondack loungers around a giant chessboard.  or you know, you could do something good.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

heavenly cupcakes

welp...they were pretty damn good.  flavorful perfectly textured cake, not overly sweet cloying frosting and unlike mine often, not too much frosting.
i had a coffee cupcake with buttercream icing and a chocolate covered espresso bean on top
the pops had lemon and mums had an amazing coconut with toasted coconut [unpictured].  this little shop was literally around the corner from the thai place we visited last week, and in this sarasota jaunt, we also popped in to the british imports place, the european imports place, a scandinavian imports place, another cupcake place that also serves meat pies [?], and passed a perogie place, an italian deli, about 6 british pubs, a microbrewery, some random clothing shops, several holistic medicine practitioners, an "erotic boutique", and best of all, the munchies 420 cafe open 4:20pm to 4:20am cos "yo momma dont cook past midnight"

chayote experimento

how to prepare a chayote or two.
halve and seed [though edible] chayote, slice thinly
add to pan of sizzling butter.  add salt, pepper, garlic, and random [deseeded] chili pepper found on counter.  saute 4-5 minutes.  add more salt and butter mid-way through.
discover chayote is a bit bland like most squash, and needs plenty of parmesan cheese to add a semblance of flavor.  attempt in future to find less boring new vegetables.

Monday, January 3, 2011

lemon bay

this is why you dont swim in the bay.  its nasty and full of algae and weeds.  plus its fucking cold.
i have absolutely no idea where these ripples were coming from. they seemed to be very straight and uniform, not radiating out from a plop somewhere out in the middle
dead trees out at stump pass.  technically not lemon bay but.. near enough
tri-annual dredging of stump pass.  environmentally..not so great.  economically/aesthetically/touristy.. yea whatever.  it would help beach circulation if people hadnt been greedy and put in their own beach retention efforts.  now it = big fail.
pelicans flying above lemon bay providing the apt name.. pelican shores.
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