Sunday, January 2, 2011

dim sum 2010

3rd year of a running family tradition-cooking with jim!  this year it was a dim sum extravaganza.  or as i explained to someone else... chinese tapas.
pearl rice balls before steaming-kind of creepy with that raw pork showing through..
clockwise: steamed beef meatballs, clementine centerpiece, kimchee, daikon, tea eggs.  please also notice the retro mustard yellow dish pattern.  its something no?
clockwise: spicy pork cutlets, pearl rice balls, chicken wings, korean pickle, free coke glass from last year's steak & shake trip
this shot is basically same as the previous..but it shows the delicious spare ribs
what a dim sum plate should look like.  plenty of recognizable meat with some spicy and dumplings.  no we didn't have duck feet or pickled fermented offal.  thank god.  because traditional or not, good luck and all, that shit is unhealthy and not something i prefer to eat. 

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