Monday, June 30, 2014

rhododendron season!

this pic was taken june 15th.  not that i'm behind on posting or anything.
dont you want to come sit in the sun and drink a beer and read a book with me?  i promise i'll move the other chair a bit further away instead of sticking my feet in your lap. 

more gratuitous blue sky day pics to come.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

big ass cookies

i've never claimed reading comprehension is a strong suit of mine.  most recently my mom, sister, and i were trying to find a restaurant in augusta for lunch.  that is augusta, maine, mind you.  not augusta, georgia.  i googled "restaurants in augusta" and chose the midprice range.  what?  indian?  tapas?  burritos?  more burritos?  a sweetery?  i sent several links and some menus to the fam and the reply was "well those are all very nice looking but were not driving to augusta georgia.."


Saturday, June 14, 2014

adventures in biddeford - peace be with you

...and also with you.  let us pray... that this is the end of my long drawn-out series on biddeford.  hark.  it is.

last but not least, the st joseph's rectory.  home to ... i have no idea how many priests or clergy from when and how.  the high school tour guides had absconded by the time we arrived.  the couple seemingly guarding the house said "isnt this a lovely old house?  we know nothing about it".


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

1000th post - liz's laundry

so.  after starting my wee blog january 15th 2009... this is my 1000th post!  holy crap you guys.  the blog has seen me through 2 states, 2 schools, 7 jobs [gak], 1 failed relationship, and a metric shitton of pictures.  thanks for sticking with me, and its nice to know that people other than my mom actually read this website.  although.. i dont think she's checked in awhile.  hope you'll be around for another 1000!
  • sweater and tank: h&m
  • top: sorbetto made by me!
  • pants: uniqlo

Monday, June 9, 2014

adventures in biddeford - but you can't turn back time

the original mill clock tower in biddeford is nearly out of time.  [see what i did there?]  so many other puns, but the owner has until september 2nd to move the "eyesore" of the property.  according to our reluctant high school tour guides, the innards and the weather vane were stripped and sold in the 80s.  all that remains a is weathered facade of a somewhat structurally unsound room. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

adventures in biddeford - where theres a mill there's a way

according to some mad googling skills, the biddeford mill was last owned by west point stevens, which still prevails as a global textile producer and was known as west point pepperell or WPP.  vellux blankets were produced in biddeford from 1966 to 2009.  after a considerably rocky progression from hydroelectric power to mechanization, the passage of both world wars, globalization, hence the western [...] lion and the eastern dragon making a modified griffin, and a slight revival of production in 2005, the last mill building closed its doors in 2009.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

adventures in biddeford - and behind door number 1

last weekend a coworker and i ventured out to biddeford.  a former mill town, now pretty much back in the great depression [and incredibly depressing], struggling to keep drug dealers out of parks, stopping meth heads from burning down their own houses, and preventing stabbings and shootings.  but a rich and colorful history prevails and the heart of biddeford is trying their damnedest to make it a thriving economic wonder.  best of luck.

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