Sunday, February 28, 2010

death row meal

inspired by several articles about famous chef's last meals

  • green bean tempura with black truffle aioli
  • from: sushi samba nyc
  • image from here

  • baked mac and cheese
  • from: rira irish pub portland
  • image from here [not on rira's menu anymore]

  • belgian lambic [raspberry beer]
  • from: natural living center bangor maine [im sure other places stock it, but i used to buy from here]
  • image from here

  • french silk pie [lovingly called salmonella pie]
  • from: homemade
  • recipe via:
  • image from here
but since im not planning on dying or killing anyone in a state with the death penalty.. i suppose ill go eat a salad. LAME.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

miscellany from last week

bug in a rug is a snug thug in pjs.

frank and his doppelganger
do not like mash and banger
they bat around clothes hanger
and bite often in love and anger

for a secret project i HAVE YET TO START! EFF

some news/weather outlets were accused of inciting panic in the most recent storm we had. i disagree wholeheartedly. PARALYZING BLIZZARD would neeeever incite panic. if only it were a wav file.. then the DOWNED TREES and IMPASSABLE ROADS could flash on and off like a bad neon sign. and the "low" L could swoop in from the south

not only are these snacks crispy, airy, and a little bit sweet, the happy potato is so fucking cute how could you pass one up? and of course theyre korean!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

cool colors

more dark colors with black. cos it is still winter after all.

  • tunic/dress: industry via ideeli [has swimming swans. not doves as advertised. or emus as i originally thought]
  • shirt: calvin klein outlet
  • leggings: uniqlo
  • shoes: dsw [grey and turquoise instead of the usual grey/black]

  • purple shirt: target [4-5 years ago?]
  • tunic top: necessary clothing nyc [$7!]
  • vest: uniqlo
  • skinny black pants: h&m
  • shoes: kenneth cole
and yes i mixed sparkles and faux fur. very un-me. but it was very comfy and thats all i really care about

i actually received quite a few comments on my hair today. positive ones no less. and to think its my "OMG IM RUNNING LATE AND MY HAIR IS A FRO" hairdo. 5 braids and a hairclip. and it really shows how much i need to redye my hair. even though the roommates were convinced my hair color/s were natural...

rows of stuff

*blurry* pic of appetizers at koreana [aptly named restaurant] in hicksville. clockwise from top left: soy/tea egg, sesame bean sprouts, bok choy kimchee, various animal innards [delish], weird cold noodles [personal favorite], horseradish veggies

rice ball snackies at h&y market. i cant bring myself to buy these as i think i would enjoy half a gooey little guy and then..have 14.5 remaining.

antiviral tissues at target [pronounced tar-ghett not tar-jay]

Sunday, February 21, 2010

niko's mediterranean grill & bistro

after a failed attempt to dine at fatty crab, malaysian food, we crossed the street to niko's mediterranean restaurant. turned out to be an amazing choice. and it was the basis of my mardi gras meal.
  • 2161 broadway [corner of 76th]
  • $20-35 [including app, drink, and dessert]
  • casual dress, very crowded, good wait staff
  • mezedes [greek tapas] are average priced $5-7 and well worth it

greek lager. delish

biftekakia smyrneika platter

penne artemis

chinese new year

last weekend a buddy from school, the sister, and i ventured into chinatown for the day before chinese new year. mostly in the hopes that the maddening hordes would wait a day for the official start. eeeeeh its chinatown. so no dice.

reminiscent of the st peter's piaza

at the flower festival tent

amazing cherry blossom painting

$5 pepper decorations = AWESOME. i bought a $1 pineapple.

custard from tai pan

seen at the flower show: a personal washing machine

apparently i could do a small load of wash at work! sweet!

lots of outfits

  • shirt dress: vintage [?]
  • black dress: delias
  • leggings: nz
  • knee socks: macys
  • shoes: calvin klein outlet
  • belt: jay jays

the shirt is my dad's from college. im not entirely sure who the guy is but it has a tag underneath for the rice radio station ktru 91.7...which apparently still has the same call letters!

  • coat: necessary clothing [cheapo shop in the city]
  • turtleneck: uniqlo heattech
  • tank top: kenneth cole outlet
  • jeans: gap
  • shoes: dsw

  • black dress: body central
  • purple turtleneck: uniqlo heattech
  • lace leggings: target
  • purple tights: macys
  • booties: steve madden-dsw

  • green sweater: macys
  • blue/green tank: urban outfitters
  • blue tank: h&m
  • jeans: pac sun

what i want to buy

  • where: nordstroms via shop it to me
  • brand: steve madden
  • description: faux purple leather motorcycle jacket
  • price: sold out. waah.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

what i want to buy

both these objects were seen and coveted during a recent trip to the city.

  • from: pearl river
  • brand: unknown
  • description: "beautiful apple" duvet cover
  • price: $25.50

  • from: zara
  • description: leather cowboy booties
  • price: $29 from $60

greek food night

in celebration of fat tuesday [i obviously am neither french nor greek...] i decided to cook a rather elaborate spread.

keftethakias [without the soaked slice of bread step. too lazy] but i did puree the onion, oil, and herbs and then used the kitchenaid mixer to blend. so i didnt have to touch it. brilliant plot was foiled when i remembered meatballs require a rolling into ball o' meat step.

spicy feta stuffed peppers [not so spicy even made with jalapenos]

greek style tilapia turned out a little disappointing and very fishy.

my plate, complete with garlic/olive oil israeli couscous [out of a box], tzatziki sauce, and olive tapenade. most of my recipes are from purely due to the weird categorization allowing it to be unblocked at work.

crosseyed kitters waits for a meatball to roll his way

Thursday, February 11, 2010


rangzen tibetan restaurant
  • 24 pearl st, cambridge, MA
  • $10-$20
  • casual dress, authentic classy decor, attentive waitstaff
  • delivery to local addresses [sadly, does not include long island]
we began with thunlam tosoe-a mixed appetizer platter including the best creation ever: tsel numtak. "shredded mixed vegetables with ginger, garlic, and cilantro dipped in chickpea batter and fried" it is more amazing than it sounds and there was nary a scrap to take a picture of. i hoarked that down like there was no tomorrow. regardless of the fact that im pretty positive one of the shredded vegetables was some type of green onion. that is how amazing they were.

for the main course i chose a langsha chow minus the red onion. and it was just slightly greasy but oh so flavorful. sadly, after stuffing down all the appetizers i could barely eat 1/3 of my dish.

dipping sauce for the apps. and to quote the waiter, "the green one is hot..." it was pretty tasty but when mixed with the sweet red sauce, a fried tasty can be delicately dipped and then crammed in the eagerly awaiting maw.

jason had either the langsha momo or the chhasaha momo. both are handmade dumplings but are beef and chicken respectively. i tried the "small bowl of lentil soup" which was frikkin amazing. it was blended smooth and was a nearly sweet compliment to the savory dumplings and salty soy dipping sauce.

i ate my leftovers while waiting for the ferry. they still had the slight smokey/grill taste that lingered in the restaurant, and the veges were still aldente crisp. since it was about 20 degrees this little take out guy sat in my car overnight and left a wonderful but not overpowering scent.

expired ramen

there once was a packet of ramen
gifted to me by a shaman
it was flavored like beef
required no teef
but it expired and garnered an "aw man!"

"artificial braised beef flavor instant sweet potato threads" who wouldnt find that scrumptious?!

chinese instructions. 2 1/2 C of nearly boiling water for undisclosed amount of time.

shelf life of artificial braised meat flavoring: 12 months

ummmm i had a packet of delicious but yet untasted mystery ramen FOR OVER TWO YEARS? needless to say, i threw it out. not that i dont trust chinese food safety standards..oh wait i dont really. k bye.

snowstorm #2 aftermath

our house is poorly insulated

possibly due to the 36 degree sun all day, when i got home these were all hanging at an odd angle. but i didnt take a picture and then it was dark. true story.

the massive tree branch that fell off last time we had 50mph winds.

frozen propeller tree

blue skyyyyy
smiling at me
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