Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

sneak peak

where can you find these things?

belated thanksgiving

thanksgiving in maine is being thankful for family, solar hot water making the living room 80 degrees in the beginning of winter, and the fact that the generator didnt kick on during dinner.  but the posting issue lies in the access to sketchy satellite internet.  so late post.  sorry bunnies.

but here are some of the tasties we snarfed down
le tableau
free-range organic hippy dippy turkey, all trussed up professional-like by a doctor

click to enlarge any of the following: baked squash, broiled maple sweet potatoes, stuffing, lemon parm green beans, sauerkraut [traditional czech style], cottage cheese rolls, dumpling, honey mustard brussel sprouts, 7 fruit salad, and the spread.  with gravy

my plate! and yes we also had rice.  im asian.  its tradition.

and last but certainly not least...
PIE!  chocolate pecan, mixed berry, apple, grape, and pumpkin

Sunday, November 20, 2011

baking with pumpkin

pumpkin bread and pumpkin whoopie pies!
cookie scoop + not being a spazz = uniform whoopie pie halves
mmm naked whoopie pies
assembled and ready for the eatin

more thrifting

im supposed to be packing to move.  not buying more things.  i know.  back off.

this is what im actually wearing today
  • faux wrap dress: thrifted
  • jeggings: uniqlo
awesome $10 brand new ankle boots.  <2" heel is actually walkable and the buttons are frikkin adorable

click for mas

Thursday, November 17, 2011

liz's laundry [and accessories]

  • blue top with birds: f21
  • dress: some outlet department store
  • leggings: charlotte russe
  • top: filene's basement
  • dress: gap
  • leggings: charlotte russe
  • blazer: thrifted
  • tunic/dress and bandeau: h&m
  • ponte pants: target
  • frank: crazytown
  • dress: thrifted
  • scarf: h&m
  • sweater: ny&co
  • tights: target
i recently happened upon a blog by a stylish woman about my mom's age.  if my mom blogged outfit posts, i think theyd be pretty similar.  i just need to teach my mom how to thrift.  her theme this week is about accessories.  i have a lotcopious amounts in fact.  and i horde them like its going out of style

so here's another pic of the ubiquitous "jewelry wall" in all of its glory.  and mostly still organized after 3.5 years of existence.  soon it will be packed away for the big move... 
linking up with tammy's trending through the decades and meagan's thursdays are for thrifters

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

other thrifted stuff

if you live somewhere sad and savers-less.. they had a veteran's day sale with 50% off everything.  ms. k and i went to the super secret night-before-awesome-people's sale and perused for the 2 full hours before closing.  for $42... [the price of an h&m sweater] here is what i got
vintage polka dot dress that fits PERFECTLY minus the fact the zipper is all kinds of dead and i need to replace it
semi-tie-dyed tank top [calvin klein cos im a big ole ckbrandwhore]
a rather 90s tackytastic dress that i have already cut into a top and unfinished skirt 
 a $4 silk dress from this massively overpriced brand that i have never heard of
something relatively normal
a tacky plaid and floral skirt that has become a flouncy xmas miniskirt
yeeup not quite sure what im doing with this still.  thinking maybe ill do some of this action
a blue blazer which..unfortunately is what the mums is looking for.  fortunately for me, this would never fit her [unless it was tailored like 4 sizes smaller] so i get to keep the perfectly fitting jacket with amazing lace print lining!
a wooly winter skirt
and a tacky men's shirt to wear over stuff as a dress

linking up to thrifters anonymous and thriftaholics weekly
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