Monday, May 2, 2011

liz's laundry [and jewelry]

two things i have recently come to accept: in summer i have troy polamalu hair and its ok; i like shiny shit like a crow.  since i am once again restaurant-employed, i wear all or mostly black with variations on the same outfit friday, saturday, and sunday.  but i wear overly garish jewelry to compensate.

  • silk dress: lucky brand [from sample sale]
  • green leggings: forever 21
  • worn with green kenneth coles and wind + humidity = huge hair
and just cos its 1am doesnt mean i cant eat a bbq soy-riblet and swiss chard.  youre just jealous i need early morning sustenance to continue writing papers and prepping for presentations like a crazy person.  here is the tally for my next 2-3 weeks:  6 presentations, 4 term papers [2 have complete drafts]



  1. Nothing wrong with shiny shit! Who could resist?

    Fab outfit, btw.


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