Monday, May 24, 2010

garden glamour shots

the weirdass weather hasnt harmed my planty plants yet. and no more sunburned tomato.

the long view

flowering sweet peas! maybe they'll actually form peas this year...

7+ more sprouts

ichiban eggplant. idk why its japanese or how its different. but even just the plant itself is vastly different from my ghost eggplant last year. hopefully my 3 unidentified sprouts survive. if i had random eggplant varieties i would be happier than the proverbial pig in shit.

broccolini sprouts! protected from curious kitties by chicken wire.

3 more strawberries? it just increased production from last year... 6 fold

the locust tree is taking over the other side of our yard [can be seen in the background of the very first picture]

baby thorns. deceivingly cute...but foreboding nonetheless

frank and nature part deux

tuckered out after an excruciating day of attacking everyone in sight

leah's plant..that i potted for her and water regularly

my peppermint! its going insane. apparently the front steps have just the right amount of light, rain, and shelter. i moved the one in the kitchen outside as well and it is quickly following suit

the nip!!!!!

honeysuckle growing thru the neighbor's fence

sound beach

now up to the north shore. not any less pretentious than the south..but the sunset is visible from this side.

weird waterless beachfront bulkhead

empty beach

the most glamorous, elegant, and unpretentious european couple i have ever met

and of course there were flowers. so i had to take a picture. or two. sea roses?

ruffles and skirts

  • coat: h&m
  • shirt: j crew [thrifted from the sister's closet]
  • skirt: target

  • shirt: ann taylor
  • skirt: gap
  • shoes: dsw
this outfit is about as nautical as i will ever dress. red stripes and gold anchors just scream "i cant think for myself, good thing someone will tell me what to wear every season and ill do it even if it looks bad cos i would hate to be out of style!"

south massapequa republican dinner...

not a place i would ever frequent voluntarily. but when work requires i don a schmancy suit, drink some wine, and eat free food... i go kicking and screaming.

to the south shore

at an elks club style catering hall

complete with swan butt

and theres the right end. i waited like 5 minutes for this shot. was it worth it? idk. i think the butt seemed more appropriate for the occasion

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

happy birthday katie!

roommate katie is an anthropologist doctoral student. since she does digs in exotic places and dissections.. i figured bones would be appropriate. but who wants a creepy birthday treat? hopefully no one. so after googling for a bit, i decided on the "kawaii" look

fittingly i also was eating sushi. in between filling the kitchen with powered sugar clouds. and yes i pick out the faux crab. the vege only sushi looked like crap and i dont trust raw fish thats been sitting in a grocery display case. plus that whole texture thing..

for some unknown reason we only have a 12 cup cupcake pan. well one 12 cup and one 6 cup. and 12 silicone cupcake cups. but those are a pain in the arse.. so i went with an 8" cake. which fell. surprise, surprise. the blue gel shit is hard to write with and i have absolutely no clue how it tastes.. but it shows up well on dark chocolate buttercream frosting

a skully closeup. ["buttercream" fondant with lemon cake underneath!]

and since everything is inherently more badass in black and white...voila

spicy turkey apple glazed tortellini

thats why i'm not a professional recipe namer.

ingredients [estimated]:
  • fresh/frozen tortellini
  • 1/2 lb ground turkey
  • 4-5 pepperocinis
  • 1/2 cup apple jelly
  • 2 tablespoons garlic
  • 1 tablespoons olive oil
step 1: boil and drain tortellini slightly al dente.
step 2: fry up turkey with garlic and oil
step 3: finely dice pepperocinis, seeds and all and add to pan
step 4: add apple jelly and reduce slightly
step 5: add tortellini and fry lightly
step 6: realize it is really fucking spicy but chow down a bowlful anyway
[yields 3 servings]

meanwhile, toni performed the hot sauce soy-wings challenge. we have 5 hot sauces in the house [tabasco ran out awhile ago] and the winner by a long shot: sriracha. rooster sauce. the best invention ever, thank you thailand.

Monday, May 17, 2010

mary mary quite contrary..

how does your garden grow?

hopefully with all this stuff [click to enlarge]

no silver bells and cockle shells and all that shit in a row.

the first 3 strawberries of the year!

all gone.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

lost cake

not as in...unfound.

however i couldnt find cake pans. so i used two 9" pie pans and made a flying saucer shaped cake. chocolate [box] cake with dark chocolate buttercream frosting

and then decorated it with the lost dharma initiative logo in fondant! after some very brief research [google dharma initiative..] i found dharma is actually an acronym for "department for heuristics and research on material applications". i have no idea what that frikkin means. and i dont remember ever hearing it spelled out on the show.

but it was for pj's birthday. and i couldnt fit "happy birthday" in the middle. so just a name had to suffice. the end.

ok ill say it. its a little ghetto. but it was pretty damn tasty until i managed to inhale frosting into my lung. then i about choked to my demise in the kitchen/living room/bathroom.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

tasty korean rice snack

at least thats what im calling it. cos i have no idea what the hangul says.

but it is 100% pure korean rice.

made from only rice, corn oil, and olive oil. AND FRIED.

delish. remember rice krispies cereal? imagine that without the petrified marshmallow. and just a wee bit greasy.

frank and nature

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