Friday, December 5, 2014


seriously.  its been almost a year since i managed to do anything productive with my sewing machine... and the last thing was my loveseat.  but in the glut of black friday/small business saturday/cyber monday/taco tuesday emails... i managed to get one for go to patterns, and bought the casual lady pattern for half off! 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

pickle all the things?

along with all the prep for thanksgiving goodness, my parents brought a ridiculous amount of produce from their winter CSA.  what do i do with 3 pounds of carrots now?  i dont even like carrots.  well... pickle them of course!  and dump them on other people as "thoughtful" homemade christmas presents.  or something.  but what about the overabundance of other produce i already had from before thanksgiving?  well i'll pickle that shit too.  also 2.5 pounds of beets from the CSA.  it was closer to ... 2.7 pounds but i managed to lose one in the disposal while i was rinsing and didnt find it until well after i was done.  oops.  and now for your viewing pleasure:  no words.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

liz and the solar boys

that's the name of our future band.  and our album cover.. and the person on the right is actually one of the guys' 16 year old daughter who has about 10x more experience than i do.

Monday, November 10, 2014

birthday weekend!

this weekend i hosted a roaring 20's [on a budget] birthday party for myself.  i made the requisite pinterest board, compiling the looks and styles and drinks i liked for the theme, bought a bunch of fringe and sequin trim to .... hoard forever, and then ended up spending about $100 on ingredients, alcohol, and decorations.  i found a dress i had purchased back in long island [atleast 4+ years ago now] which hadnt ever really fit, and that id tried to consign atleast once.  it was a $300 sample sale dress which i think i paid $40 for.  but it fit the theme perfectly, and finally fit me, but i couldnt bring myself to add any extra sparkle.  subtle is better, no?
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