Sunday, November 21, 2010

things ive eaten lately

one of our wednesday night cooking creations: homemade green curry!  a friend of a friend's recipe for green curry paste + miscellaneous veges and fried tofu = excellent
on the left: vege lasagna.  on the right: ground beef and sweet italian sausage lasagna.  time began: 830pm.  time consumed: 1130pm.  on a random note-do not buy spoonrest shaped like testicles.  very inconvenient if not hilarious shape.  seriously. 
ricotta/romano/cranberry stilton stuffed cherry peppers.  warning: BEWARE! cherry peppers when deseeded produce a cloud of burning pain that circulates the kitchen.  and theyre surprisingly spicy even without seeds.  but anything stuffed with cheese is worth the pain.

unpictured an idiot.  i made a wednesday night feast of cuban black bean [dried, soaked, boiled] soup with saffron rice, sweet plantains, lemony yucca, and giant peruvian corn salad!  it took most of the day that i should have been writing papers and presentations for school.  oops. 

black is a jeweltone right?

  • turtleneck: uniqlo
  • scarf/belt: somewhere in nz
  • skirt: glassons
  • little house on the prairie dress: uniqlo
  • belt: taken from forever 21 skirt
  • leggings: target
  • sweater: ann taylor loft
  • dress: saks off 5th ave [lost in my skirt drawer for the past 3-4 months]
  • jeans: gap about 4 years ago
 in other news, i lost the little beaded pig from my camera.  $1 from chinatown.  wahh.  and i saw harry potter!  can i just say...gratuitous hp/hermione makeout scene was more than a bit awkward.  and frank thinks he the princess and the pea.  whereas toni thinks he is more the evil stepsister type.  i think he is probably more rumpelstiltskin in that he is seemingly a good guy but will steal your babies or be really angry and flip out. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

zhen's bday cupcakes

its a leaf.  cos were environmental people...
and a happy sun
cupcake toppers!
cupcakes getting ready to go party

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

flakes easily with a fork

...probably the stupidest cooking instruction ever.  heres what it actually means-cook fish until you can cut the thickest part with the side of a fork or even a spoon.  if you cant... its gooey and raw somewhere near the middle and you will get sick and die.  maybe.  but you will probably have mercury and other heavy metal poisoning so perhaps the raw fish part wont even be the worst.  anywho.
somewhat underripe plum, rice, miso salmon, and sauteed green beans
the best part of cooking salmon in tin foil is the fact that the skin and nasty scales get stuck and you just crumple and throw away!  and if you arent too overzealous with the fork you can possibly skip the pan washing part.  but in principle that is kind of a disgusting im-a-lazy-guy method and i humbly suggest you wash the goddamn pan, put it in the drying rack, and put it away when dry.  instead of leaving it for someone else to do.  and while youre at it, take out the motherfucking trash for once.  it is traditionally a man's job and it wouldnt kill you to do it once.  seriously.


floral prints

my wine and cheese bday party [more was added later]

what i wore
  • tunic: inc by macys
  • skirt: mandee
  • belts: charlotte russe
  • coat: h&m [$7 90's crop]
  • dress: gap
  • lace inset leggings: urban outfitters [mega sale and ..kind of itchy]

Monday, November 8, 2010

ricotta shells

taken from
step 1: cook box o' large shells.  find out someone at the grocery store is incompetent and 50% of the shells are in pieces

step 2: swear
step 3: defrost 2 boxes frozen spinach
step 4: mix 2 cups skim ricotta, 2/3 cups panko, 1/4 cup parmesan, 1/4 teas nutmeg, and 1/8 teas salt; set aside
step 5: saute whole onion and 3-4 garlic cloves and 1 bunch fresh basil until translucent
step 6: using brand new [birthday] stick blender, blend the shit out of the onions with some spinach juice until pureed
step 7: defrost homemade marinara sauce and hope all frozen chunks break up
step 8: blend spinach, 1 egg white and onion goo, mix with ricotta mixture until combined
step 9: smoosh spinach mixture into frosting piping bag and cut large hole in bottom
step 10: spoon thin layer of marinara into greased 9x13 pan, stuff one glob of spinach into each shell, and hope to find enough intact shells to fill pan
step 11: top shells with remaining marinara and 1/4 cup parmesan
step 12: take remaining broken pieces of pasta and layer with remaining spinach stuff and jarred cheapass low fat/low sodium alfredo
step 13: bake at 375 for 30 minutes until bubbly

Friday, November 5, 2010

moldy pumpkin and the garden finale

this looks frighteningly like a lemur with red eyes.  but really.. its probably highly toxic pumpkin mold that was growing on our kitchen table for days. 
the truth may poison you where you live...
there were [accurate] predictions of frost tuesday night, so i frantically ripped all produce out of my garden
spiffy new [birthday] kitchen shears + lime basil plant = decimation
8 million tomatoes obsessively arranged by ripeness
from the left: parsley, basil, lime basil, thyme, tomatoes, grape tomatoes, oregano, peppers
and of course frank had to inspect the harvest.  not shown: me clad in shorts and a tank top racing out to the front porch at 2:30am to rescue my potted plants from the frost

skirts and tights

the first outfit is a little short but i was wearing shorts underneath.  which made the whole "its a fucking gale storm outside" a bit more tolerable. 
  • sweater: pacsun
  • dress: macys [$6]
  • boots: target
the skirt in this second outfit.. is the one i bought from fredflare and complained about as it was much too small.  welp. it fits now!
  • tank: ny&co
  • scarf: unknown
  • skirt: fredflare
my kind of post-halloween alice-in-wonderland-grown-up-in-real-life ...outfit
  • shirtdress: h&m
  • floofy skirt: h&m
  • tights: macys
  • shoes: steve madden
  • purple dress: benneton
  • tights: macys
  • boots: target
  • scarf: also unknown
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