Friday, November 5, 2010

moldy pumpkin and the garden finale

this looks frighteningly like a lemur with red eyes.  but really.. its probably highly toxic pumpkin mold that was growing on our kitchen table for days. 
the truth may poison you where you live...
there were [accurate] predictions of frost tuesday night, so i frantically ripped all produce out of my garden
spiffy new [birthday] kitchen shears + lime basil plant = decimation
8 million tomatoes obsessively arranged by ripeness
from the left: parsley, basil, lime basil, thyme, tomatoes, grape tomatoes, oregano, peppers
and of course frank had to inspect the harvest.  not shown: me clad in shorts and a tank top racing out to the front porch at 2:30am to rescue my potted plants from the frost

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