Sunday, November 21, 2010

things ive eaten lately

one of our wednesday night cooking creations: homemade green curry!  a friend of a friend's recipe for green curry paste + miscellaneous veges and fried tofu = excellent
on the left: vege lasagna.  on the right: ground beef and sweet italian sausage lasagna.  time began: 830pm.  time consumed: 1130pm.  on a random note-do not buy spoonrest shaped like testicles.  very inconvenient if not hilarious shape.  seriously. 
ricotta/romano/cranberry stilton stuffed cherry peppers.  warning: BEWARE! cherry peppers when deseeded produce a cloud of burning pain that circulates the kitchen.  and theyre surprisingly spicy even without seeds.  but anything stuffed with cheese is worth the pain.

unpictured an idiot.  i made a wednesday night feast of cuban black bean [dried, soaked, boiled] soup with saffron rice, sweet plantains, lemony yucca, and giant peruvian corn salad!  it took most of the day that i should have been writing papers and presentations for school.  oops. 

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