Tuesday, August 31, 2010

what i want to buy

  • what: goat ring
  • where: topshop
  • price: $25
  • material: umm prob stainless. pretty heavy.
reason for not buying-its a ring. ..with a goat head. do i really need it even though it looks supremely badass? it would go nicely with my forever 21 elephant ring. but that was only $4. if i wore them together i could have a menagerie of brass [steel] knuckles.

penny for your thoughts


did you know there was a new penny? it looks weird and fake. and it probably was released 8 months ago. shows how much i use cash and pay attention to loose change.

birthday angry stitch. gmail, apple, twitter, youtube

carnival ticket canopy at anthropologie. idk why i even went into this store. who buys a $200 cotton dress. but...the bed display made it worth it. until i looked at the price of a set of sheets and almost vomited. dont buy the hype kids.

some other overpriced store's decor. pretty amazing display as it was on all other walls. unfortunately people that shop at this store im sure have never even touched a sewing machine much less used one. but omg its so artsy and it makes the store that much hipper and swanky when i buy my expensive unnecessary shite some poor starving kid in china made with his 4 remaining fingers after the horrible sweatshop accident of '06. but i digress.

obligatory frank photo. the duvet matches his pissed off eyes so nicely!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

are you my mother?

to preface: I HATE BIRDS. they are disgusting beady eyed rats with wings. they carry disease and poop on everything.

but at work the other day i held a baby bird!

[not my hand]

during the tree-taking-down-process mike [concrete removal foreman] went running to the backhoe operator and made him stop. he was then lifted in the digging scoop into the tree to attempt to find where cheeping was emanating from. much to his dismay the nest could not be found so work continued. as the tree was ripped apart branch by branch roy [concrete pouring foreman] frantically waved his hands for work to pause. wading waist deep into the pile of felled branches, he reached in and popped out a baby bird! we found the mother bird near by flipping out [naturally, as her home and babies had been potentially been destroyed] and stuffed the baby through the fence towards her.

work continued until roy signaled yet another stop, reached into the branches and pulled out yet another baby bird. this one though... bonded with roy in the are you my mother? sense. after escaping back out through the fence no less than 3 times, it finally went squawking back to its mother.

since roy and the concrete guys are from portugal, perhaps the better phrase from the bird would be "você é minha mãe?"

digi kodachrome

so as it turns out the "vivid" function on the manual setting on my camera... is the the digital equivalent of kodachrome. granted paul simon will never sing about vivid cos it just doesnt have the same ring. but it looks pretty cool

sorting my pen box. cos i had a box. filled with pens. being a good asian, most of them were sakura gelly rolls [actually bought in japan!] or regular staples-bought gel pens. surprisingly, 95% of the american gel pens were dead... while only the yellow/gold gelly roll pen was running out of ink. i actually remember thinking it was on its way out the last time it was used... 5 years ago.

my first ever vegan dinner which i ruined 10 minutes later with a delicious piece of bread and butter. fuck that vegan shit. mostly i just was too lazy to buy meat for weeks and only had veggies on hand. from top: bartlett pear, chopped salad [asian cole slaw], eggplant and spinach with balsamic glaze, zuc and yellow squash saute.

extra contrasty fruit

LI fest [one of 83000 this summer]

garden pickins

clockwise from left: grape tomatoes, dill bolting as usual, ichiban eggplant, heirloom tomatoes, rosemary, oregano, flat leaf parsley, and basil also bolting as if its very life depended on it. which ... it sort of does but i dont continue that whole plant life cycle. i buy seeds. too lazy to dry, store, and replant.

yard sale

look at our gloriously dead yard! that = no mowing. but it rained today for about 4 hours... so our solace is over. damnit.

3 bins + 1 box of bedding. how much sold? ...none.

other random shite.

i have never held a yard/garage/moving sale before. fortunately, we live on a neighborhood cut-thru street off of several major roads. between craigslist, bright clearly written posters, and drive-bys we made $173.75 in 6 hours! there was some pre-planning involved which included trying to figure out what the hell we were getting rid of [clothes, furniture, jewelry, makeup, stuffed animals, kitchen kitch, shoes, etc]. i also put on about 80 little stickers marked $.10 up to $10. not that it mattered cos people asked prices on everything.

mini rant:

blah blah economy blah blah .. i have to say this. when you see a brand new unworn pair of shoes [in your size] and are told theyre $2, it takes a lot of balls to look me in the eye and say "oh. thats too much" and then ask to go lower. ITS A FUCKING YARD SALE. WHERE ELSE ARE YOU GOING TO FIND $2 FREAKING BRAND NEW DESIGNER SHOES??! go home. seriously.

in other news, we packed up a bit early, put 3 boxes and about 5 bags of stuff in the back of toni's jeep, and 2 boxes at the curb marked "free/gratis". all in all, a successful effort. and it might inspire a craft/bake sale later this fall. hot cocoa and cider too...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

garden gemish

dress sewing

i bought this dress back in the day when it was in much improved patterns. and by back in the day i mean... sometime last year. and at clearance price not $59 for a frikkin cotton dress. what they dont mention in the description is how the elastic back is so low it is inadvisable to wear a bra. also what they fail to note is if you in fact are not a 100 pound D cup... it looks pretty frumpy.

so i fixed it. and now it is both a maxi skirt

and a strapless tea-length dress!

i basically hacked off the empire waist/halter top, sewed in elastic,

and cut up the halter to make a ghetto cumberbund. this oddly shaped creation serves as an instant no-ruch low-maintenance empire waist-maker

voila. project time: about 30 minutes

i also attempted bias tape edging on a stretch knit cotton rib. result: tunic/tank top with pockets. not exactly what i was going for, but functional nonetheless. only major issue being... the green fabric with its adorable little brown flowers is sheer as fuck.

better luck next time right?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

mother nature can be a bitch

after the last big storm

squash vine borers killed my zucc!! efff.

but then again..

a garden harvest

jesus rays on the beach

enjoying the agua

grape tomatoes!


on top of the fridge. like HE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE.

peering over the sewing table

extreme close up. look at that fluffy little face...

simple clothes

  • coat: h&m
  • dress: h&m [thrifted from the sister]
  • leggings: uniqlo
  • shoes: nine west
  • earrings: kenneth cole

  • [maxi-tucked up] dress: target
  • stretchy bow belt: h&m
  • back to school boots: target

  • tshirt: calvin klein
  • skirt: nz street vendor
  • lace slip: savers thrift store
  • necklace: kenneth cole

Thursday, August 5, 2010

what i want to buy

  • what: frikkin stainless steel science cookie cutters!!!
  • where: http://www.sciencecookiecutters.com/ via science cookie roundup
  • price: $14.95 + $5.15 shipping [wahh]
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