Tuesday, August 31, 2010

penny for your thoughts


did you know there was a new penny? it looks weird and fake. and it probably was released 8 months ago. shows how much i use cash and pay attention to loose change.

birthday angry stitch. gmail, apple, twitter, youtube

carnival ticket canopy at anthropologie. idk why i even went into this store. who buys a $200 cotton dress. but...the bed display made it worth it. until i looked at the price of a set of sheets and almost vomited. dont buy the hype kids.

some other overpriced store's decor. pretty amazing display as it was on all other walls. unfortunately people that shop at this store im sure have never even touched a sewing machine much less used one. but omg its so artsy and it makes the store that much hipper and swanky when i buy my expensive unnecessary shite some poor starving kid in china made with his 4 remaining fingers after the horrible sweatshop accident of '06. but i digress.

obligatory frank photo. the duvet matches his pissed off eyes so nicely!

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