Saturday, August 21, 2010

dress sewing

i bought this dress back in the day when it was in much improved patterns. and by back in the day i mean... sometime last year. and at clearance price not $59 for a frikkin cotton dress. what they dont mention in the description is how the elastic back is so low it is inadvisable to wear a bra. also what they fail to note is if you in fact are not a 100 pound D cup... it looks pretty frumpy.

so i fixed it. and now it is both a maxi skirt

and a strapless tea-length dress!

i basically hacked off the empire waist/halter top, sewed in elastic,

and cut up the halter to make a ghetto cumberbund. this oddly shaped creation serves as an instant no-ruch low-maintenance empire waist-maker

voila. project time: about 30 minutes

i also attempted bias tape edging on a stretch knit cotton rib. result: tunic/tank top with pockets. not exactly what i was going for, but functional nonetheless. only major issue being... the green fabric with its adorable little brown flowers is sheer as fuck.

better luck next time right?

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