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i was hoping for an excuse to dress up as cleopatra in a elizabeth taylor homage [and for a pic for this page] but the occasion has not yet arisen.  until then, please standby with two pictures of the lady herself:

from this blog, original credits unknown.

moving on.

a sibling of a friend asked about tailoring prices.  now i can't compete with the $1 hem price of the seamstresses of vietnam.. but after some research and deep thoughts [..] i came up with the following prices:

pants and skirts
basic hem: $5
lined hem: $10
annoyingly complicated cuff: $15

basic hem: $5
alterations: starting at $10, tbd

shortening only: $2 [cotton knit doesn't require sewing]
basic hem: $5
lined hem: $10
other alterations: starting at $15

buttons: $1 each
button holes: $2 each
hooks or snaps: $2 each
basic seam repair: $4
other hand sewing: tbd.  pain in my ass.

obviously things like blazers with satiny linings will take some discussion and inspection as some are sewn better than others and are thus harder to take apart.  the to-be-determined prices for alterations are for things like darts, removal or shortening of sleeves, resizing of bodice/sides/straps, and other such matters.  replacing of zippers is subject to both money and bribery - try flowers, alcohol, offers of cat sitting, car repairs, etc.

one last note:  these things can really only be done in person [i live in the original portland in case you were wondering].  ie don't mail me pants and tell me to cut them off [kt and leah].  i cant guarantee turn-around times but i will try my damnedest.  mainly depends on what my work situation is for the week.  if you assist in my finding and subsequent hire in a full-time engineering job i will sew all your shit for free.


  1. hahahahahhahahaha. you know me too well. but even if i help you find a job?? :D

    1. just think. if you were here i could fix those skirts youve ripped

  2. Liz, how's your alterations biz going so far? anybody take you up on it? This is a really good idea imo. Esp to support our(my) fabric/thrifting habit :)

    1. no bites yet. i have had friends say that i should have come up with this idea before they/i moved to different states.. i also don't really have any local readers


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