Friday, May 27, 2011

la ciudad a noche

a peek at the empire state building from the flatiron district
picture from worth square.  why is it blue?  welp the owner of this site apparently doesnt know.  but for previous months the reasons are given...
the metlife clocktower
7th ave traffic


...was AWESOME!  oh finnish headbanging cellists.  why arent there more of you.  come back to irving plaza again soon.  k thx.

Monday, May 23, 2011


this lovely was at the grocery store today.  would you pay $2.49 for unidentifiable fish meat?

on a different note, my week shaped up a bit differently than planned.  monday i received an email announcing the zagat event was postponed due to rain.  booooo.  and yes it did rain every day for an entire week straight.  tuesday my interview went pretty well and we met at panera... so i had the new steak and white cheddar panini.  the horseradish spread was a bit of a surprise as i apparently lack reading skills, but it was mostly just unpleasant bitter rather than burning.  and paired with chicken noodle, it was perfect for rainy-day-last-minute-paper writing.  wednesday instead of the food truck event, i worked on paper reading and picked up the roommate at school for a bit of shopping...

whilst browsing the plethora of racks at forever 21, my preset phone date with the potential internship firm approached.  suffice to say... i did a happy dance in the middle of the store for my full-time paid summer internship, with the possibility of working part-time in the fall while finishing my last two classes!  it nearly made up for the fucking B- i got in a class.  thursday and friday went as expected with only some minor panicking about finishing reading honors papers.  they were eventually finished and saturday we trekked in to see apocalyptica!!! 


pictures later.

nyc art


the rhubarb obsession

from over a week ago... and we had a week of rain.  so things are growing like mad
[click to enlarge]
baby basils growing from seed!
strawberry plant
homemade strawberry pie margaritas [no booze involved...and sadly no crust or crumble topping]
pie filling with rhubarb berry sauce [see next picture] and katrin's homemade lemon curd.  AMAZING
another rhubarb fruit creation from the cookout 2 weeks ago.  i have since made another compote and bought 3/4 pounds of additional rhubarb
sour cream cake from joy of cooking
sans parchment paper

Sunday, May 22, 2011

liz's laundry

  • dress, skirt, leggings: h&m
  • shoes: kenneth cole
  • oversized pendant: nz street fair
  • shirt dress & scarf: h&m
  • frilly tank: old navy
  • skirt: kenneth cole
  • shirt: muji
  • belt & tank top: charlotte russe
  • skirt: ny & co
  • shirt: esprit
  • shorts: dkny
in the midst of reorganizing my closet the frank sauntered in and took his rightful place

Sunday, May 15, 2011

the last week of the semester

here is what my week has on tap:

sunday: work at the restaurant and freak out about homework
monday: give my last presentation for the semester and freak out about homework
tuesday: finish homework [actual hw assignment and 2 term papers] and interview for summer internship
wednesday: FREEDOM!!  and zagat lunch truck event in the city with a roommate
thursday: drive friend to court thing and then wonder if i got the internship
friday: work at the restaurant
saturday: possibly have a roommate work at the restaurant for me and freak out at an apocalyptica concert!

lots of freaking out to be had as i have become quite the spastic ball of panic with a very short fuse.  so until i have more time... here is part of dessert from the bday bbq-strawberry pie filled margarita glasses
*edit:  insert "frantically reading honors papers and submitting comments" somewhere before thursday and cleaning hell-hole of bedroom ...on friday morning?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

liz's laundry [and hair]

  • dress: charlotte russe
  • bike shorts leggings: ny&co
frizzy braids
  • dress: ny&co [3+ years ago]
  • sweater: kohls
  • scarf: thrifted
  • short leggings: target
  • new mini purse: target [$10!]
  • dress: forever 21
  • sash: required for espressivo strings [2001?]
  • leggings: forever 21
  • boots: target
  • cat photobomb: humane society
braided loopy hair for work last week as inspired by arn's wife

school status: 2 presentations yet to give, 1 paper to write, 2 drafts to fix

Friday, May 6, 2011

liz's laundry

  • top: victoria's secret clearance
  • tanktop: h&m
  • scarf: h&m
  • jeggings: uniqlo
  • booties: dsw
the back of the shirt.  turns out it was a bit brisk for the inappropriately chilly weather
  • strapless dress: target [formerly a romper]
  • skirt: refashioned from a maxi dress
  • thigh high socks: sock dreams [eventually switched for ankle socks]
  • mary janes: steve madden [switched for grey boots]
  • "painter's shirt": h&m
  • skirt: h&m
  • tights: target and target
  • worn with black rainboots
  • dress: charlotte russe
  • leggings: glassons
  • booties: target
ruffles!  somehow..i cant walk right [cwr!] and i always end up with sand in my booties.  idk.  the white shirt outfit was for my wednesday class where i presented on IGCC [integrated gasification combined cycle] coal plants.  afterwards, my prof [also my master's advisor] told me based on the rest of my work in the class, my presentation was rather pedestrian and he had expected much more from me.


but atleast i can redeem myself with a term paper...  3 presentations and 4 papers to go.
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