Sunday, May 15, 2011

the last week of the semester

here is what my week has on tap:

sunday: work at the restaurant and freak out about homework
monday: give my last presentation for the semester and freak out about homework
tuesday: finish homework [actual hw assignment and 2 term papers] and interview for summer internship
wednesday: FREEDOM!!  and zagat lunch truck event in the city with a roommate
thursday: drive friend to court thing and then wonder if i got the internship
friday: work at the restaurant
saturday: possibly have a roommate work at the restaurant for me and freak out at an apocalyptica concert!

lots of freaking out to be had as i have become quite the spastic ball of panic with a very short fuse.  so until i have more time... here is part of dessert from the bday bbq-strawberry pie filled margarita glasses
*edit:  insert "frantically reading honors papers and submitting comments" somewhere before thursday and cleaning hell-hole of bedroom ...on friday morning?

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