Monday, May 23, 2011


this lovely was at the grocery store today.  would you pay $2.49 for unidentifiable fish meat?

on a different note, my week shaped up a bit differently than planned.  monday i received an email announcing the zagat event was postponed due to rain.  booooo.  and yes it did rain every day for an entire week straight.  tuesday my interview went pretty well and we met at panera... so i had the new steak and white cheddar panini.  the horseradish spread was a bit of a surprise as i apparently lack reading skills, but it was mostly just unpleasant bitter rather than burning.  and paired with chicken noodle, it was perfect for rainy-day-last-minute-paper writing.  wednesday instead of the food truck event, i worked on paper reading and picked up the roommate at school for a bit of shopping...

whilst browsing the plethora of racks at forever 21, my preset phone date with the potential internship firm approached.  suffice to say... i did a happy dance in the middle of the store for my full-time paid summer internship, with the possibility of working part-time in the fall while finishing my last two classes!  it nearly made up for the fucking B- i got in a class.  thursday and friday went as expected with only some minor panicking about finishing reading honors papers.  they were eventually finished and saturday we trekked in to see apocalyptica!!! 


pictures later.

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