Thursday, December 30, 2010

the mattress police

theyre coming!!
welp i know fuck-all about mattresses, but this tag came off the boxspring in the room im sleeping in here in florida.  seeing as it has a $.02 bedding inspection stamp on it... id say its about as old as the blanket its sitting on.  from the 70's.  at least.  the end.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

thai watermelon

 seen in thailand sushi and steakhouse in sarasota
ornate hand-carved fruit art is usually a good omen of excellent food. 

also in the gulf gate drive shopping center: oriental food & gifts [korean-run], taste of europe [crepes and perogies], chocolate bark company [drool], and some kind of british imports store with meat pies! 

Sunday, December 26, 2010


sooo im in florida and have successfully survived my first semester of grad school!  last night i was awoken by a nightmare.. i went to parking services to buy an evening parking permit for the admin garage, but was refused as i was no longer enrolled at stony brook due to my two D's.  i hope to god and buddha and allah and christ and anyone else who gives a rat's ass that this is not an omen...  i am still awaiting 3/4 grades.
barnacles on the underside of the dock at low tide
i got these pictures a bit precariously.. and am actually a bit terrified of barnacles and their inherent sharpness
the pelican swam by and looked back as if to say "wtf are you doing hanging halfway off the dock??"

Saturday, December 18, 2010

pie and resewing

so as of somewhere around noon on saturday i will be officially done with my first semester of grad school!  this calls for celebration and ..the rest of the department agrees.  mostly cos theyre done too.  so there's a party!  and i baked an apple pie!
hopefully its good..
but atleast its seasonal and cute!
i also resized an old flannel shirt of my grandfather's in chicsteals style.  but i also had the benefit of a b oleyar curve thinger my mom bought ages ago for pattern making.  i dont have a vcr to watch the "how to" but its pretty self explanatory for refitting.  i used the curve that reads "front arm half".  in future sewing i may just cut the sleeves off and go from there instead of the whole seam ripping bull shit.  but until then, i have a tunic made from my poppa's shirt!

this was one of my first savers purchases...last summer.  probably the best thrift store ever-clean, well organized by both size and color, spacious, well lit, and did i mention clean?  you dont get that "oh gawd now i have lice and bedbugs and its dark and dingy so i cant really see what im holding right now but it feels like polyester" feeling.  anywho.  the purchase [among others] was a size 18 target skirt.  i assumed i could somehow resize the waistband for wearing. 
welp i finally got around to sewing it.  i ripped off the waistband entirely, removed the zipper and lining, sewed up the side again, and just added elastic.  simple.  and it still has the nice flowy pleats and took about an hour once i got down to it.  6 months later.  meehhh.

i made my 2nd savers run last week and introduced some friends to the best thrift store ever.  3 hours later...they are fully converted.  and an hour after returning home i already had all my new purchases in the washer, including this oversized sweater
  • sweater: all american comfort [thrifted]
  • sparkly seamed leggings: charlotte russe
sparkly leggings cos... i already set aside my regular black leggings to pack!  for florida!  on monday!  assuming it doesnt snow!  gak.  and yes the next outfit i wore a black shirt with brown pants.  and black and brown belts as well.  naysayers be damned.  
  • scarf: h&m
  • shirt: kohls
  • dress: h&m
  • belts: charlotte russe
  • corduroys: gap
  • blue suede shoes [booties]: zara

Saturday, December 11, 2010

fun-fetti + dark cocoa = ...

AWESOMENESS.  obviously. 
how does one make funfetti cupcakes, one might ask.  weeeeell if you want the demento one like the back right, that takes special talent.  i mean who can fuck up a boxed cake mix.  seriously.  i can.  so mix said cake mix, add 3 tablespoons of cheap ass sprinkles, and bake as per usual. 
mix up dark chocolate buttercream frosting and use birthday decorating set as gifted by roommate
voila!  share with fellow angry students in 6 hour class accordingly. 

long forgotten clothes

the dark depths of my closet hold vast untold wonders.  such as a light jacket i bought for $10 maybe 3 years ago and a dress that is quite unflattering but ridiculously comfortable.  and at one point apparently also held frank for an undetermined period of time, as bloody paw swipes were found after i returned from thanksgiving break.  it was later admitted the roommate had searched my closet for holiday-wear and hadn't noticed a black flash fly past.  after further investigation, it was also one noticed he was missing and after escaping the clutches of certain boredom, frank managed not to get any blood on my rug.  no idea how, but he emerged remarkably unscathed.  minus the blood on the back of my closet doors. 
  • scarf: from grammie
  • khaki jacket: body central aka the slut store
  • black tank: kenneth cole
  • jeans: gap
  • dress: erge [from ideeli]
  • scarf: urban oufitters [super clearance]
  • boots: target
  • necklace: ae

Friday, December 10, 2010

cleanliness is next to...

my new setup!  i bought and installed [all by myself!] a tv tuner into the ole computadora.  and then cleaned my room for 3 hours.
now i have hulu, netflix, and cable in one place and no more shitty blurry weirdly colored tv!
the jewelry wall!  along chair of sewing projects and a box of xmas presents
the other side of the room
the wall of permanent untidiness. 
my art wall: kiwis by jo, metal things handcut by jose, ceramic cup by bunzy sherman

Thursday, December 9, 2010


halp!  everything is upside-down!
why are cat paws so intriguing?  theyre so furry and leathery and skin-laceratingly-sharp all at the same time
stalking a neighborhood cat from the safety of my dresser

uncommon cocktail party

kitten paws!
mad men cig brand.  they're still toasted.
sepia mushroom reflection.  could be the name of a really bad metal band.
the bar.  and a pineapple!

1960's black and purple

i really need to learn how to wear other colors besides black and purple with denim in the winter.  its getting a little ridiculous.  but never fear, i attended a mad men cocktail party, and wore and black!  with shiny denim!  
goal for after florida: no purple and black, plus wearing long-forgotten jewelry from "the wall".
  • sweater: ann taylor loft
  • scarf: h&m
  • polkadot tank: unknown
  • jeans: gap
  • purple argyle socks: target
  • coat: h&m
  • shoes: dsw
  • sweater: forever 21
  • skirt: ny&co
  • faux green pearls: claire's
party bling!  and nasty old nailpolish!  which i still have on...over a week later.  oops.
  • turtleneck: uniqlo
  • dress: ae
  • obi belt: thrifted
  • floral tights: mandee
 tights ubercloseup.  cos the picture i took is crappy and they look like a pixelated blur.  they were $1.50 on sale.  and almost fit without rolling down for about...5 minutes.  the rest of the day my shirt rode up and my tights rolled down..but fortunately the dress kept anyone from knowing.  unless i complained.  which...i did.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

things ive eaten lately

one of our wednesday night cooking creations: homemade green curry!  a friend of a friend's recipe for green curry paste + miscellaneous veges and fried tofu = excellent
on the left: vege lasagna.  on the right: ground beef and sweet italian sausage lasagna.  time began: 830pm.  time consumed: 1130pm.  on a random note-do not buy spoonrest shaped like testicles.  very inconvenient if not hilarious shape.  seriously. 
ricotta/romano/cranberry stilton stuffed cherry peppers.  warning: BEWARE! cherry peppers when deseeded produce a cloud of burning pain that circulates the kitchen.  and theyre surprisingly spicy even without seeds.  but anything stuffed with cheese is worth the pain.

unpictured an idiot.  i made a wednesday night feast of cuban black bean [dried, soaked, boiled] soup with saffron rice, sweet plantains, lemony yucca, and giant peruvian corn salad!  it took most of the day that i should have been writing papers and presentations for school.  oops. 

black is a jeweltone right?

  • turtleneck: uniqlo
  • scarf/belt: somewhere in nz
  • skirt: glassons
  • little house on the prairie dress: uniqlo
  • belt: taken from forever 21 skirt
  • leggings: target
  • sweater: ann taylor loft
  • dress: saks off 5th ave [lost in my skirt drawer for the past 3-4 months]
  • jeans: gap about 4 years ago
 in other news, i lost the little beaded pig from my camera.  $1 from chinatown.  wahh.  and i saw harry potter!  can i just say...gratuitous hp/hermione makeout scene was more than a bit awkward.  and frank thinks he the princess and the pea.  whereas toni thinks he is more the evil stepsister type.  i think he is probably more rumpelstiltskin in that he is seemingly a good guy but will steal your babies or be really angry and flip out. 
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