Thursday, December 9, 2010

1960's black and purple

i really need to learn how to wear other colors besides black and purple with denim in the winter.  its getting a little ridiculous.  but never fear, i attended a mad men cocktail party, and wore and black!  with shiny denim!  
goal for after florida: no purple and black, plus wearing long-forgotten jewelry from "the wall".
  • sweater: ann taylor loft
  • scarf: h&m
  • polkadot tank: unknown
  • jeans: gap
  • purple argyle socks: target
  • coat: h&m
  • shoes: dsw
  • sweater: forever 21
  • skirt: ny&co
  • faux green pearls: claire's
party bling!  and nasty old nailpolish!  which i still have on...over a week later.  oops.
  • turtleneck: uniqlo
  • dress: ae
  • obi belt: thrifted
  • floral tights: mandee
 tights ubercloseup.  cos the picture i took is crappy and they look like a pixelated blur.  they were $1.50 on sale.  and almost fit without rolling down for about...5 minutes.  the rest of the day my shirt rode up and my tights rolled down..but fortunately the dress kept anyone from knowing.  unless i complained.  which...i did.

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