Sunday, July 31, 2011

weekend mishmash

lemon cream and milky way pie/no bake cheesecakes from curry and comfort, made with neufchatel cheese and light/low fat [chemical high] cool whip and homemade graham cracker crust.  [harvey wallbanger cupcakes with triplesec cream cheese frosting on the very right].  background-hand painted pong table.  which is my excuse for a crappy crappy picture of homemade desserts. 
seen in brooklyn.  idk if its just an art piece or if its the faile/bast studio
also in brooklyn
from the northside piers
THE BIIIIRDS.  again.  christ theyre everywhere.
overly artsy tree/sunset/cityscape shot.  is hipster contagious?
apartment door next to the music hall of williamsburg
why we were in williamsburg in the first place
half of the eels!
the other half including mr. e!
sweet drummer song/solo


welp.  bandwagon, meet me.  i had joined pinterest awhile ago [a year or two] and thought eeeeh i dont care about other people's inspiration pictures and crap.  then i discovered about... a week ago the brilliance of using pinterest as a visual bookmark saver.
i have since added a bunch of crap [aka pins] into the following categories: sewing inspirations-aka shit to sew, jewelry to make-in the event that i have massive amounts of free time, recipes-cos i really cant ever thing of things to cook without some kind of motivation, books to read-self explanatory, tutes-tutorials, and liz's pinboard-general otherwise uncatergorizable shit-like pretty things.

i also notice a lot of bloggers using pinterest for outfit ideas, but i generally use actual blogs for creative dressing and dont need yet another excuse for pinning more things. 

check it out.  or here Follow Me on Pinterest cos its a cute little button.  and if you want an invite, just request in a comment.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

fruits of my labor

cherry tomatoes
a single eggplant
a real grown up bell pepper!
it really annoys me that the focus is on the stakes in the back, rather than the variegated tomatoes in the foreground.  in my defense, it was 100+ degrees and i was sweating taking pictures.

in other news, the heat FINALLY broke and it is a normal 85 during the day and a brisk 65 at night.  gorgeous.  and much deserved after my roommate and i spent friday night from 11pm until saturday at noon without electricity.  and no it wasnt a rolling black/brown out.  a transformer or something blew outside our house so our neighbors had electricity...but the 10-15 houses in the other direction were absolutely screwed.  when the a/c turned off we decided to open the windows..and 95 degree heat came blasting into the living room.  at 11:30 at night!!  needless to say it was a rather miserable night that warranted a trip to the fabric store the next day. 

my future holds projects galore!  [saturday was going to be crafts day anyway, but it is quite difficult to operate a sewing machine without any power.]

liz's laundry [and jewelry]

  • dress: kohls
  • jewelry: see assortment below
random mix of purple and black.  from steve and barry's, claire's, my sister's closet, some shop in new zealand, etc.  idk anymore.  srsly.
  • dress: h&m
  • leggings: victoria's secret
  • jewelry: unknown
i seem to be caught in a bracelet clusterfuck.  help help! but its perfect for the newest bdib-arm party!
Bloggers Do It Better
next is... i wore pants!  wtf?  i own pants??
  • black lace top: charlotte russe
  • tanktop: h&m
  • plaid shorts: gap [finally fit again after 2 years in storage!]
  • men's tie: thrifted long ago and far away
  • shirt: charlotte russe
  • skirt: h&m
  • oversized silver necklace: ny&co

Monday, July 18, 2011

liz's laundry [and jewelry]

  • necklace: unknown
  • tank: charlotte russe
  • skirt: thrifted and resewn [originally target size 20]
  • belt: h&m
  • necklace: kenneth cole [via the sister's discards]
  • dress & leggings: h&m
  • ginormous hair: successful experiment
  • dress: charlotte russe
  • scarf & skirt: h&m
  • tank: old navy

baby youre a firework..

it turns out my automatic "firework" setting does pretty well

farmer's market

roomie adventure to the port jeff farmer's market.  not quite what we expected what with all the hype.  we will have to take a trip to the east end and go farm-hopping for some real produce and farmy type atmosphere. and actually competitive prices.  you know the 3-1-1 ziploc baggie that you take through airport security?  one of those half full of green beans is not supposed to be $4.  i dont care if they are fair trade hand grown organic tended by blind puppies.  theyre frikkin green beans. 

but i digress. 


plump zucchinis in a pile
crisp green onions [do not want]
inappropriately focused zinnias
random people walking [there were about 2 more stands set up behind me]
a lady selling delicious pickles
overpriced breads and goat cheese
a butterfly alighting on parsley that looks far superior to my partially dead garden parsley..
a $50 vinyl thing that blows in the wind
awesome but nonsqueaky ducks
an assortment of duck sizes
what my sty of a desk looks like.
left to right: bracelets and rings i bought today, rings i wore yesterday, a map of the kings park psych center printed out a day late, my other flash drive, more jewelry i wore yesterday, an orange stick, my sparkly hippo ring, a necklace i wore a few days ago, a note pad with some time sheet hours written down, and pens.  always pens. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

kings park psychiatric center

pic from chris marshall, edited by me

saturday afternoon we took what we intended to be a brief trip to the kings park psychiatric center, which turned into a 4 hour wander of 7 buildings.  out of 151.  we didnt venture into any of the buildings as it is both illegal and extremely dangerous as we were ill-equipped for urban exploring.  plus there are massive quantities of peeling lead paint and disintegrating asbestos coatings.  however, i found a site with amazing indoor shots from 2003-2005.  we also had a nice picnic supper [pasta salad with homemade pesto and homegrown tomato and cucumber] in the green space near buildings 21 22 and 7 which i just found out are the former surgery ward, infirmary, and morgue.  lovely.

building 93, the infirmary, is the most well known and housed thousands of patients and is at least 12 stories high.  building 15, also known as wisteria, may or may not have housed violent offenders.  woo.  building 80, york hall, appears to have been a former theatre for patients as the KPPC eventually became akin to a small town.  building 83, clearly marked as the safety department for police and fire, had some toxic looking barrels lined up out back and we stood amongst them for a bit hoping they werent radioactive.  brilliant i know.  also, as it turns out building 1, with its decently maintained parking lot and seemingly random population, is still used to house psychiatric patients.  when we wandered off in search of more abandoned buildings, a man passed us and said "dont worry no one will hurt you in there"  until then... i wasnt worried about anything really.  but thanks for putting that seed in my mind.

mostly it was an architecture photo-op afternoon with some peeking in windows and trying not to imagine the horrible things that happened within the confines of the campus.

some of the best pics:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

liz's laundry

first my post for:

  • tank: gap
  • skirt: old navy
  • belt: h&m
  • necklace: random fair vendor

and my post for the maxi skirt edition of:
Bloggers Do It Better

    • tank: target
    • belt: charlotte russe
    • skirt: h&m
    and finally just something i wore to work.  
      • necklaces: new zealand [koru]
      • tank: uniqlo
      • skirt & belts: h&m

      Thursday, July 7, 2011

      garden updates

      the garden has pretty much doubled since a month ago.  i finally came to terms with the fact that the weather is way too fucking hot for broccoli and lettuce and ripped those out.  also, the radishes seemed to be past their time so the ones that were still carrot shaped got thrown away
      additional basil plants were transplanted out of a cute little pot they quickly outgrew

      more close-ups

      Wednesday, July 6, 2011

      a moral dilemma of pharma greed

      disclaimers:  stealing is wrong.  i am definitely not at risk of pregnancy.  children are the spawn of satan and pharmaceutical companies

      read on if you dare.

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