Sunday, July 31, 2011


welp.  bandwagon, meet me.  i had joined pinterest awhile ago [a year or two] and thought eeeeh i dont care about other people's inspiration pictures and crap.  then i discovered about... a week ago the brilliance of using pinterest as a visual bookmark saver.
i have since added a bunch of crap [aka pins] into the following categories: sewing inspirations-aka shit to sew, jewelry to make-in the event that i have massive amounts of free time, recipes-cos i really cant ever thing of things to cook without some kind of motivation, books to read-self explanatory, tutes-tutorials, and liz's pinboard-general otherwise uncatergorizable shit-like pretty things.

i also notice a lot of bloggers using pinterest for outfit ideas, but i generally use actual blogs for creative dressing and dont need yet another excuse for pinning more things. 

check it out.  or here Follow Me on Pinterest cos its a cute little button.  and if you want an invite, just request in a comment.

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