Sunday, July 31, 2011

weekend mishmash

lemon cream and milky way pie/no bake cheesecakes from curry and comfort, made with neufchatel cheese and light/low fat [chemical high] cool whip and homemade graham cracker crust.  [harvey wallbanger cupcakes with triplesec cream cheese frosting on the very right].  background-hand painted pong table.  which is my excuse for a crappy crappy picture of homemade desserts. 
seen in brooklyn.  idk if its just an art piece or if its the faile/bast studio
also in brooklyn
from the northside piers
THE BIIIIRDS.  again.  christ theyre everywhere.
overly artsy tree/sunset/cityscape shot.  is hipster contagious?
apartment door next to the music hall of williamsburg
why we were in williamsburg in the first place
half of the eels!
the other half including mr. e!
sweet drummer song/solo


  1. A visual feast! Suddenly I'm craving pie...

  2. one should always have pie on the brain!


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