Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a moral dilemma of pharma greed

disclaimers:  stealing is wrong.  i am definitely not at risk of pregnancy.  children are the spawn of satan and pharmaceutical companies

read on if you dare.

today i finished a year-long drug trial for a low-hormone birth control taken continuously for 3 months at a time.  it is a new variety [possibly a generic] of seasonique/seasonale and the clinic paid me $300 to do the trial while giving me free drugs.  as stated above, i am certainly not on bc to avoid being preggers.  that is another issue entirely.  i have however, been on hormonal bc since probably the middle of high school for disgustingly heavy periods, debilitating cramps, and IMGOINGTOBREAKYOURNECKWITHMYBAREHANDSpms.  my bc gives me usually less than 4 periods a year and very minimal pms.  i end up acting/feeling/being a relatively normal happy person.  

here are my options for the future:
  • continue paying $130/pack for bc ...until i hit menopause in 40 years
  • get regular bc and pay $10/month for essentially only pregnancy prevention
  • convince a doctor that i need a hysterectomy
  • pay $1500-$6000 for sterilizaiton
  • pull a denzel movie type hostage scenario
other options are reserved for women who have already popped out a little mouth breather and lived to tell the tale. 

why does this piss me off to no end?  men can go to their doctor and get a prescription for viagra.  not only is it socially acceptable to correct limp dick, it is paid for by health insurance.  what does everyone say when i want to prevent my "natural cycle"? 

"oh dont worry, you'll change your mind."
"everybody loves kids"
"you'd make a great mom"
"but its natural, why wouldnt you want to run around bleeding one week out of every month?"
"its your birthright"
"you should have kids.  you'll grow to love them"

"that isnt covered by your health insurance"
"sorry your deductible is $5000"
"not on our list of approved medications"
"that'll be $148.50 including tax"

here is where the dilemma comes in.  i was waiting [freezing my ass off in a paper "gown"] forever for the doctor to come in and sign off on my last visit for the drug trial.  the nurse had already told me i was getting a 3-month pack of seasonique which she took it out of the drawer, placed it on my purse, and left the room.  obviously it is a sample pack from a pharmaceutical company.  the clinic gets them for the low low price of diminishing morals and hands them out like candy.  posters emblazoned with the name of big pharma line the walls and brochures wait on the shelves. 

the thought crossed my mind... should i just take an extra pack? 

its not like its a controlled substance.  and the clinic wouldnt miss it.  and it would be sticking it to the pharmaceutical companies and the man and whoever else on my shitlist.  would it be civil disobedience?  or is it really actually wrong?  it is stealing.  and a year ago i had a full-time job so i could afford ridiculous copays and ineffectual deductibles.  its not right that i should even have to have this internal debate.  but debate i did.  and my conclusion?  well, i only have one 3-month pack.  but i have to go back in next month for a final follow-up appointment...


  1. moral dilemma indeed. i ran a stoplight a few weeks ago because traffic was at a standstill and nobody would let me merge. i felt empowered by the decision.....................

  2. lol katie. well, i'm one of the pay $10 a month crowd and be "regular". don't know what to tell ya, but $130 is ridiculous. and, as a side note, it's not like they don't have the money. the end.

  3. Want me to pretend i'm your husband...again, and help distract them?


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