Wednesday, July 27, 2011

fruits of my labor

cherry tomatoes
a single eggplant
a real grown up bell pepper!
it really annoys me that the focus is on the stakes in the back, rather than the variegated tomatoes in the foreground.  in my defense, it was 100+ degrees and i was sweating taking pictures.

in other news, the heat FINALLY broke and it is a normal 85 during the day and a brisk 65 at night.  gorgeous.  and much deserved after my roommate and i spent friday night from 11pm until saturday at noon without electricity.  and no it wasnt a rolling black/brown out.  a transformer or something blew outside our house so our neighbors had electricity...but the 10-15 houses in the other direction were absolutely screwed.  when the a/c turned off we decided to open the windows..and 95 degree heat came blasting into the living room.  at 11:30 at night!!  needless to say it was a rather miserable night that warranted a trip to the fabric store the next day. 

my future holds projects galore!  [saturday was going to be crafts day anyway, but it is quite difficult to operate a sewing machine without any power.]


  1. awww, i wish i had some of your garden fruits.

  2. the cherry toms are pretty excellent, but one of the plants up and died today. hoping its not blight... id much rather just my poor efforts at watering


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