Monday, July 18, 2011

farmer's market

roomie adventure to the port jeff farmer's market.  not quite what we expected what with all the hype.  we will have to take a trip to the east end and go farm-hopping for some real produce and farmy type atmosphere. and actually competitive prices.  you know the 3-1-1 ziploc baggie that you take through airport security?  one of those half full of green beans is not supposed to be $4.  i dont care if they are fair trade hand grown organic tended by blind puppies.  theyre frikkin green beans. 

but i digress. 


plump zucchinis in a pile
crisp green onions [do not want]
inappropriately focused zinnias
random people walking [there were about 2 more stands set up behind me]
a lady selling delicious pickles
overpriced breads and goat cheese
a butterfly alighting on parsley that looks far superior to my partially dead garden parsley..
a $50 vinyl thing that blows in the wind
awesome but nonsqueaky ducks
an assortment of duck sizes
what my sty of a desk looks like.
left to right: bracelets and rings i bought today, rings i wore yesterday, a map of the kings park psych center printed out a day late, my other flash drive, more jewelry i wore yesterday, an orange stick, my sparkly hippo ring, a necklace i wore a few days ago, a note pad with some time sheet hours written down, and pens.  always pens. 

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