Friday, April 30, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010


so ive setup an etsy store. it looks pretty crappy and but i will eventually get around to customizing it. please check it out and feel free to spread the word. i will be making jewelry and other miscellaneous crafts and selling "crafting supplies" that i no longer use... including about 2 million seed beads. pricing i think is pretty fair, and is based on the expense of materials and time spent on each piece. obviously im out to make a profit as i need to subsidize my shopping habits [which as of late are atrophying from disuse] but i wont try and sell something for 5x what it is actually worth just because people will buy it ::coughurbanoutfitterscough::

enjoy. k thx.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


here is my ginormous workspace. if i remember correctly the desk is somewhere in the range of 6.5'x7'.

faux cherry veneer and dark grey? claaaaaassy.

behind those cupboards [and drawers below] lurks an unimaginable stash of food. sadly, it cannot rival mike's 6 pound tin of mixed nuts in sheer weight.

my people-from back left: senior capstone, ewb honduras, family, college roommates, best friend from iowa, boyfriend, other best friends from iowa

my "uncrashable" apple. that crashes weekly.

it seemed a bit weird taking a picture of my pictures, but i think they all turned out rather nicely. albeit ...haphazard. ahhh idk why i like that word. but instead of attempting to line everything up, my ocd said fuck it dude, lets go bowling.


in fact, not the new rock-paper-scissors.

sad green chair sitting
waiting for garbage pickup
my car is too small

since i am pretty much obsessed with cutting out snowflakes and shiny things, kirigami seemed like the next logical step. now.. what to do with them

frank patiently awaits
attacks when not sedate
he prowls his estate
skittery little gait

more random naturey shit from LI

i have no idea what these trees are.. but from not too close up they look like a carnation tree. which i obviously know they arent. cos carnations dont grow on trees. and neither does money

a glamour shot

blue sky background

a weird silkworm/larvae/gross slimy creepy crawler nest

the frank in his natural habitat.

dumbing down cooking 2/$3 at your local grocery store!

i actually saw a tv ad for these little buggers the other day. a woman, of course her place is the kitchen, is contemplating what to make for her happy little family's dinner. she apparently doesnt know how to read a recipe or a cookbook cos she wracks her brain for a meal. suddenly, a shot rang out. no wrong story. the proverbial light bulb clicks on and she miraculously remembers the pre-measured spice packets she bought that killed the tree and drained the petroleum to make the plastic to hold the spices that she is too inept to measure out for herself, which will become refuse that ironically, will be her children's problem to deal with. but i digress. she ends up making a delicious looking ________ [fill in blank] with her mccormick's spices and the happy family remains happy the end.

it annoyed me. to say the least. yea its a pain in the arse to build a spice collection from scratch. but seriously lady? buy a fucking set of measuring spoons. and really, since its not baking, just guess. its close enough. especially if youre making garlic lime chicken fajitas. you really cant fuck that one up.

what i want to buy

  • description: stainless steel wrench ring
  • from: amazon
  • price: $8.16
  • problem: only men's sizes. wah.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

effin christians.

whilst perusing facebook i came across this gem. [click to enlarge]

i vaguely remember something from church like "love thy neighbor as thy self...unless they have differing political and religious beliefs. then you can pray that god smite them cos they deserve it for being liberal heathen scum." isnt that how it went?

Monday, April 19, 2010

what rhymes with door hinge?

yea. i know babies arent supposed to be orange. and car tires arent either. so sue me.

cupcakes for the schneiders! ignore the powdered sugar. it eventually absorbed in.

"congrats amy & seth" "welcome baby schneider" [to my knowledge he was as yet unnamed]

leftover cupcakes and fondant

i got too lazy to fill more cupcake liners and made a short 8" cake.

fleurs from the back yard

umm they opened overnight quite a lot. and now the house smells of old ladies.

not wearing black!

  • tshirt: calvin klein
  • scarf: some store in pjv
  • frumpy khakis: victoria's secret

some days you just want to wear something comfy and it looks like crap so you throw on a scarf and hope people only notice that your hair looks good. is that shallow? probably.

  • coat: ck [from hs-barely buttons shut anymore]
  • tank: uniqlo heattech [it was 50 today]
  • maxi dress: victoria's secret

Friday, April 16, 2010

what i want to buy

more cocktail rings!

  • from: overstock
  • material: sterling silver, amethyst
  • price: $41.49

  • from: overstock
  • material: sterling silver, green amethyst, pave diamonds
  • price: $46.99

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

andrew gerke

a year ago today a friend was killed in a car accident.

the last time i saw him, we were graduating from college, about to head into the world, alumna of the UMO class of '08. a double major in german, a percussionist, and a frat boy, i really had no reason to know him. except for the few classes we had together as upperclassmen. we became friends senior year and struggled through environmental engineering chemistry together, yelling about impossible homework, trying in vain to succeed in the class.

the most tragic part is had he been wearing his seat belt, he most likely would have survived the accident. he rolled his car, was thrown out, and died in the hospital. instead of surviving with a horrible seat belt bruise and some broken bones, he is gone forever. i don't believe he is in heaven looking down watching over us. he isnt in some band camp party in the sky. he was a good, kind, caring person, but no matter how many people leave him facebook posts or start groups mourning his loss, he will not see them.

but i still miss him.

wear your fucking seat belt.

food and a truck

delicious thai spice wings with a side of sweet potato fries and under-steamed broccoli

bon chon chicken... takeout!!!!

omg dead bunny

my favorite aisle in h&y market

a truck. mini sized. in the parking lot. no fun link.

spring flowers

honey bee! ...but my daffodils are dying


the unraised bed


double tulips!

daffodil spiral

tree #1 at work

tree #2 at work

purple and black. again. damnit.

  • black lace shirt: victoria's secret
  • purple sequin top: h&m
  • jeans: gap

my sparkly headband. $3 from mandee

  • coat: kohls
  • dress: united colors of bennetton
  • white tank: h&m
  • leggings: h&m

  • cardigan: calvin klein
  • dress: $10 target clearance
  • leggings: idea
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