Wednesday, April 14, 2010

andrew gerke

a year ago today a friend was killed in a car accident.

the last time i saw him, we were graduating from college, about to head into the world, alumna of the UMO class of '08. a double major in german, a percussionist, and a frat boy, i really had no reason to know him. except for the few classes we had together as upperclassmen. we became friends senior year and struggled through environmental engineering chemistry together, yelling about impossible homework, trying in vain to succeed in the class.

the most tragic part is had he been wearing his seat belt, he most likely would have survived the accident. he rolled his car, was thrown out, and died in the hospital. instead of surviving with a horrible seat belt bruise and some broken bones, he is gone forever. i don't believe he is in heaven looking down watching over us. he isnt in some band camp party in the sky. he was a good, kind, caring person, but no matter how many people leave him facebook posts or start groups mourning his loss, he will not see them.

but i still miss him.

wear your fucking seat belt.

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