Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the saga of frank: part 2

frank's new[ish] harness has required an adjustment period. after shuffling around the house for a few hours here and there, picture a cat running legs fully bent belly inches off the ground, we decided it was time to test the great outdoors. the leash was clipped on, the back door was opened, the storm door was propped open, and frank took one leap towards the door....and froze. terrified, he looked out into the great blue yonder and wondered, is this my chance? am i going to go outside? freedom? and then he laid down and rolled over on the floor mat. quickly getting bored, i picked his furry butt up and carried him outside.

once in the tall grass, frank snuffled and surveyed his territory wide-eyed with wonderment. then he sat down, chewed some grass, and looked bored. such a build up with such an anticlimactic finish. a few laps around the yard, wandering around the flowers, and frank discovered THE DOG. neighbor man's dog also discovered frank. after a few laps up and down the hedge, the dog discovered a large hole and shoved both his head and shoulders in. frank, ever the curious kitty, approached cautiously. the dog by this point was barking his poor head off and frank crept closer and closer. a completely uncamouflaged black lump in a slowly greening yard, sneaking towards prey. finally the dog gave one extra loud growl and frank tore back towards the house and was taken in for the night.

yet another trip into the field of dreams [for frank atleast] occurred on a rare 70 degree march day. i stretched out on a lounger with sunglasses and a book. frank wandered around on his 15 foot leash, chomping all the grass in sight, chasing bugs, and romping in the sun. without warning, there was a tug on the leash and i looked up just in time to see frank leap backwards and wrench the harness over his own head. after hitting the ground he looked around and i could see the wheels turning. picture william wallace "FREEEEEEEDOMMMMMMM!" and then he hauled ass across the yard. when i caught up he was staring at the dog, looked back at me, and ran away just as i reached for him. after several minutes of circling the yard, i managed to snag the furry turd and threw his ass back in the house. he proceeded to cry for the next hour from the window, waking the roommates, pissing off the neighbors, and interrupting my reading repast.

since that fateful day of attempted escape, frank has returned to the yard in a severely tightened harness with me in tow, being "that person" on the smartphone, texting, listening to pandora, checking email, playing solitaire.. you get the gist.

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