Wednesday, April 28, 2010

dumbing down cooking 2/$3 at your local grocery store!

i actually saw a tv ad for these little buggers the other day. a woman, of course her place is the kitchen, is contemplating what to make for her happy little family's dinner. she apparently doesnt know how to read a recipe or a cookbook cos she wracks her brain for a meal. suddenly, a shot rang out. no wrong story. the proverbial light bulb clicks on and she miraculously remembers the pre-measured spice packets she bought that killed the tree and drained the petroleum to make the plastic to hold the spices that she is too inept to measure out for herself, which will become refuse that ironically, will be her children's problem to deal with. but i digress. she ends up making a delicious looking ________ [fill in blank] with her mccormick's spices and the happy family remains happy the end.

it annoyed me. to say the least. yea its a pain in the arse to build a spice collection from scratch. but seriously lady? buy a fucking set of measuring spoons. and really, since its not baking, just guess. its close enough. especially if youre making garlic lime chicken fajitas. you really cant fuck that one up.

1 comment:

  1. lol. wow....just when i think we've seen the ultimate in lazy...something else turns up! gotta love america.


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