Wednesday, April 28, 2010


here is my ginormous workspace. if i remember correctly the desk is somewhere in the range of 6.5'x7'.

faux cherry veneer and dark grey? claaaaaassy.

behind those cupboards [and drawers below] lurks an unimaginable stash of food. sadly, it cannot rival mike's 6 pound tin of mixed nuts in sheer weight.

my people-from back left: senior capstone, ewb honduras, family, college roommates, best friend from iowa, boyfriend, other best friends from iowa

my "uncrashable" apple. that crashes weekly.

it seemed a bit weird taking a picture of my pictures, but i think they all turned out rather nicely. albeit ...haphazard. ahhh idk why i like that word. but instead of attempting to line everything up, my ocd said fuck it dude, lets go bowling.

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