i tend towards sarcastic humor which some people find to be dry and witty.  some people find me offensive and i swear too much.  plus i'm angry.  deal with it or move one.  there's plenty of internet for eeryone.  disclaimer over.

i used to be a civil engineer.  i have a math/science background and the best intentions to work in the sustainable energy field, but the job market is not agreeing with me.  i was a grad student in the field of energy systems management, and now i'm in the midst of community college, studying electrical engineering tech.  i pretend i know things about finance and house renovation and furniture updating.

i like cooking, baking, and anything else that involves flailing around in the kitchen and feeding friends.  i call myself an amateur photographer and ballroom dancer [on hiatus].  i like to sew, harass my evil evil cat, and paint random things.  i like sparkles and bright colors, and overdressing for any situation.  i would like to get into interior design, landscape design, and personal styling, and may be forcing that hobby on my coworkers shortly.

part due to laziness and partly for an e.e. cummings aesthetic, i eschew capitalization and most punctuation, save commas and periods.  i am a spelling and grammar stickler, minus my penchant for making up words.  all photos posted [unless otherwise noted] were taken by me and are probably not worth pirating.  though, should you choose to use a picture, please link back.  don't be an asshole.
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