Sunday, February 27, 2011

whiteboard kitty story

long ago my sister and i did corny cat drawings
these were on whiteboard stickers outside my bathroom for over a year
i decided to make the stickers functional again... ish. 

cats and cookies

the new roof lineup-large calico, medium white and grey, the baby frank all grown up, and the baby bear cat.  hopefully the old bear cat and the other gigantor calico made it through the winter safely.  and this is a surprisingly decent picture for being taken through a nasty window and screen.
frank admiring the almost translucent window covering he so effectively tears to hell
evil eye.  ward that shit off.
semi-healthy molasses crackles
this batch of dough sat in the fridge for ..a day and half cos i was too lazy to finish after making the first 50 cookies.  unfortunately, extra gluten something something time fucked up the dough and instead of being deliciously dense and chewy..they were crunchy on the outside and just barely cooked on the inside.  and much less crackly.  but the good ones had already been in the freezer for.. a day and a half.  so no good pics.
just in case you wanted to know what frank would look like as a brunette.

Friday, February 25, 2011

bracelets for sale

distribution mechanism [ie.. more pics, descriptions, and possibly paypal] to be setup soon
available in purple with purple leather
yellow turquoise with brown leather
uber closeup
regular turquoise [single strand]
from another angle

also to be posted-earrings and pendants that were on etsy, the canvas bags i showed awhile ago, and some random sewings.  stay tuned folks. 

in other news, did you know there are entire blogs [with thousands of followers] devoted to nailpolish and manicures? 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

skirting the issue

im punny.  and i dress funny.  like im going to a wild west birthday party or something.  oh wait...
  • bandana/scarf: vintage
  • shirt: romeo & juliet couture via tjmaxx
  • skirt: cut and resewn ancient pacsun jeans + fabric from joann's
  • tights: target
  • boots: target
  • big poofy hair: genetics and a hairdryer [it looked bigger from the front]
  • sweatshirt: calvin klein [worn maybe 1+ years ago?]
  • black tank: h&m
  • skirt: rip curl [summer surfing material..]
  • leggings: charlotte russe
  • scarf: vintage via savers
  • sweater: uniqlo
  • ruffled tank: ny&co
  • skirt: tulle
  • leggings: charlotte russe

Sunday, February 20, 2011

procrastination through baking

mini corn chipotle breads
almost appropriately sized whoopie pies [square ones from a cornbread muffin tin will not be attempted again]
made with rum filling from the booze cakes cookbook

Friday, February 18, 2011

depressing reggaeton?

not gonna lie.  this video made me cry.  and its actually a really sweet song.
on a side note, i didnt even know people still made music videos.  not like "music television" aka the shitty jersey shore channel still plays videos..

give me a hand

a little creepy no?
but oh so functional
i assumed my collection of cocktail rings bashing around in a drawer probably wasnt so great for them.. and this hand at icing [claire's] of all places said "hey.  look at me.  i am creepy and functional!"  and i said eeeerrm ok.  its made out of some cheap ceramic and has spindly alien fingers.. but the bottom is weighted pretty nicely and it seems sturdy enough.  i put my really heavy rings [a giant black faceted thing, a stainless steel elephant, and a bejewled hippo] on the thumb as an attempted counterbalance.  but as the second picture shows.. there may be too many rings on the fingers.  oh well. 

how to make amazing fried rice

1: buy hilariously named wine for $11
2: reconsider drinking wine as no one else is home
3: start 2 cups rice cooking
4: chop already steamed swiss chard and try and ignore the fact it has fig flavored balsamic vinegar already on it.  the flavor will be more than overwhelmed later
5: fry remaining block of tofu that roommate has already taken half of
6: bust open jar of kimchee and turn on oven fan to ensure delicious odor does not engulf entire house

7: lightly fry all in awesome electric wok your momma bought you
8: nom

dark and tights

  • oversized sweater: savers thrift store
  • shorts: glassons nz
  • tights: target
  • newly resoled boots: clarks
  • floral tunicdress: forever 21
  • black tee: old navy
  • black leggings: charlotte russe [$6 sale!]
  • scarf: amazon
  • shirt: ann taylor
  • necklaces: ny&co and claire's
  • khaki/denim pants: gap
  • leather coat: worthingtons?
  • dress: old navy
  • tights: mandee/target
prepare for [probably] tmi:

i layered tights!  and by dragging these "shapewear" bikeshorts type thingers out of my shorts/summer leggings drawer the tights didnt roll down all day!  i originally bought the bikeshorts [a size too big so they arent suffocating and much cheaper at the outlet] to wear under short skirts and dresses so they arent whore-y short and my bum doesnt touch unwanted places stools, traincar seats, etc.  i can simultaneously prevent the dreaded chub rub which i have only ever experienced to a point of pain in..honduras of all places!  but that is a story for another time. 

i also wore a pair of bikeshorts under the shorts in the first outfit [you can see the lace just peeking out] as i had a vague memory of the shorts stretching out.  fortunately i had that insight at 10am as i wore the outfit at school from 12-8:30 and um... well frankly the shorts were more than halfway down my ass when i got home.  also, thank god for long sweaters. 

valentine's day redux

in light of the iranian ban on valentine's day, i am belatedly toning down my hating.  it is a stupid holiday and really, you should tell your loved ones you love them more than 1/365 days a year.  but you do have the right to waste your money on crappy sentiments, so by all means i hope you went for it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine's day..

the dumbest holiday ever.  american commercialization has turned the bacchanalia and martyrdom of a "saint" into an excuse to buy sappy cards and crappy chocolate and tacky [doesnt rhyme i know] jewelry.  and flowers.  flowers that oppressed exploited abused slaves pick.

i spent the last 3 valentine's days in a relationship.  and i still cant stand the holiday.  the mix of red and pink.   the cheesy hearts and cupids.  the necco hearts with "hip" new sayings.  although these candy hearts from dispair inc are pretty hilarious..

if you ask me if its sad to be single and alone for valentine's day this year, expect a punch to the face.  cos i am happy.  happy to not be tied down.  happy to be able to accept myself and where i am in life.  happy to be able to plan my future without having to fit into someone else's plans.  happy to have friends that i havent alienated by being "one of those couples". 

so until next year, whoopie pie face says "eat some cake and quit your sniveling!"

Sunday, February 13, 2011

whoopie pies!

somewhere along the way i must have appeased the baking gods.  after successful attempts at plain bread and corn jalapeno foccacia... i made these bitches!
whoopie pies!  recipe from wicked whoopies.  it gives the abbreviated history of whoopie pies.  they are from maine.  none of this pennsylvania bs. 
larger than intended blobs of relatively easy to make cake batter
oh-so-fattening filling
more uniform shapes but still waaay too big
see the last two on the bottom row?  thats more the size these whoopie pies are supposed to be.  yield is "around 2 dozen".  my oversized creations totaled... 13.5... cos i had an uneven amount of cake batter left, plus i had to test out one before serving them to my adoring public.  itty bitty half whoopie pie was damn good.
mmmm butter
neatly displayed on the longest lasting roll of cling wrap ever... redish color is left over from xmas stock and was probably bought sometime in november. 
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