Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine's day..

the dumbest holiday ever.  american commercialization has turned the bacchanalia and martyrdom of a "saint" into an excuse to buy sappy cards and crappy chocolate and tacky [doesnt rhyme i know] jewelry.  and flowers.  flowers that oppressed exploited abused slaves pick.

i spent the last 3 valentine's days in a relationship.  and i still cant stand the holiday.  the mix of red and pink.   the cheesy hearts and cupids.  the necco hearts with "hip" new sayings.  although these candy hearts from dispair inc are pretty hilarious..

if you ask me if its sad to be single and alone for valentine's day this year, expect a punch to the face.  cos i am happy.  happy to not be tied down.  happy to be able to accept myself and where i am in life.  happy to be able to plan my future without having to fit into someone else's plans.  happy to have friends that i havent alienated by being "one of those couples". 

so until next year, whoopie pie face says "eat some cake and quit your sniveling!"

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