Sunday, February 13, 2011

whoopie pies!

somewhere along the way i must have appeased the baking gods.  after successful attempts at plain bread and corn jalapeno foccacia... i made these bitches!
whoopie pies!  recipe from wicked whoopies.  it gives the abbreviated history of whoopie pies.  they are from maine.  none of this pennsylvania bs. 
larger than intended blobs of relatively easy to make cake batter
oh-so-fattening filling
more uniform shapes but still waaay too big
see the last two on the bottom row?  thats more the size these whoopie pies are supposed to be.  yield is "around 2 dozen".  my oversized creations totaled... 13.5... cos i had an uneven amount of cake batter left, plus i had to test out one before serving them to my adoring public.  itty bitty half whoopie pie was damn good.
mmmm butter
neatly displayed on the longest lasting roll of cling wrap ever... redish color is left over from xmas stock and was probably bought sometime in november. 

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