Saturday, February 12, 2011

i need an opinion

so i missed the canvas on demand groupon when it was available to long island.  but randomly i looked to see what was available in portland, maine; lo and behold it was there!  so i snapped that shit up.  and even saved $5.  now i have to choose a picture to have printed.  so which should i use?

even if you aren't one of the 4 people who reads this blog regularly, please leave a comment.  even if its "oh dear gawd don't use ______"

k thx.
honduras 1
honduras 2
new zealand 1
new zealand 2
new zealand 3
australia 1
australia 2
florida 1
florida 2

and yes i like water and sky.  quite fondly actually.  i dont think i can ever move back to the midwest.  and i made all the pictures really small for ease of scrolling.  if you want a close up [idk why..] just click on the thumbnail


  1. new Zealand 3!-mohammed

  2. First choice: New Zealand 3
    Second choice: Australia 2
    Third choice: New Zealand 2

  3. Mum & Pops say
    then honduras
    OR cupcakes?

  4. NZ 3, FL 2, NZ 2!
    Please not HN 2 - love the sky but the wires are scary.

  5. Honduras 1 or NZ 3.

    I agree with the previous comment about the scary wires in HN2.

  6. welp nz 3 it is. in case anyone cares, that is tunnel beach, dunedin. its named for the hand carved stone tunnel leading to the beach.


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