Thursday, February 24, 2011

skirting the issue

im punny.  and i dress funny.  like im going to a wild west birthday party or something.  oh wait...
  • bandana/scarf: vintage
  • shirt: romeo & juliet couture via tjmaxx
  • skirt: cut and resewn ancient pacsun jeans + fabric from joann's
  • tights: target
  • boots: target
  • big poofy hair: genetics and a hairdryer [it looked bigger from the front]
  • sweatshirt: calvin klein [worn maybe 1+ years ago?]
  • black tank: h&m
  • skirt: rip curl [summer surfing material..]
  • leggings: charlotte russe
  • scarf: vintage via savers
  • sweater: uniqlo
  • ruffled tank: ny&co
  • skirt: tulle
  • leggings: charlotte russe

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