Wednesday, February 9, 2011

cara cara oranges

thanks to the amazingly stocked [and cheap] produce of the worst named grocery store ever, giunta's meat farms, i discovered the cara cara orange last year.  apparently the tree only produces fruit from december to april and the fruit is completely seedless/sterile.  i described the orange to a friend thusly: sweet but not saccharine, juicy but not drippy messy, thick skinned and easy to peel with very little pith.  she said i could be an orange salesperson.  but really its just a fucking awesome orange.  and i am veeeery picky about my citrus.
oh yea.  and its pinkish rather than orange.  which is badass and much less messy than moro/blood oranges
thick shiny peel
totally unrelated coleslaw with wait for it... BACON!  i like my slaw dry so the sheen is a teeeny tiny bit of low fat mayo [not miracle whip]/white vinegar/sugar dressing from joy of cooking.  and did i mention bacon?  bacon was recommended as an addition by joy of cooking.  not my idea.  but tasty.  tasty bacon.  mmmmmm

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