Saturday, February 5, 2011

carb extravaganza!

gift from the mums cos were awesome like that.
birthday gift from the mums [back in november] and now that i finally have the scale, [see above] i can figure out the ratios!  and yes the perspective is all fucked up as i was actually using the cookbook and the cover happened to be visible but perpendicular to the table.  so i just turned the picture.  anyway.  moving on.
my first highly successful bread EVER!  [in the ratio book] and i walked to bravo in the nasty misty rain to buy yeast. 
spinach pasta dough [also from ratio] made while bread was baking
while my pasta dough was resting in very non-uniform flat blobs, i mixed up some andes mint oatmeal cookies.  i also figured out what the hell i did wrong last time.  [its the ingredient not shown here].  OIL!!!  i frikkin forgot half the fat/liquid last time i made these cookies!  no wonder they were bland and crumbly.  but, never fear, the baking gods were on my side.  unlike the eating well recipe, i used [extra] andes mint chips instead of chocolate, and made the cookies itty bitty, so there were 47.  i was short one on my final batch of 16..  oops
light airy bread topped with olive oil and kosher salt
spinach fettuccine piles waiting for their boiling bath
steamy pasta 3 minutes later and..a shout out to the sink disposal?
COOKIESSSS macro.  really, they're like 2" in diameter.

in other news, i received a notice from the new york blood donation center:  i am now a member of the gallon club. one milk carton sized portion of my blood has been siphoned from my arm since moving to ny.  granted, its been 2.5 years and that isn't that much blood.  but in my defense, i also donate platelets.  and apparently that doesn't count toward my creepy total.

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