Sunday, February 27, 2011

cats and cookies

the new roof lineup-large calico, medium white and grey, the baby frank all grown up, and the baby bear cat.  hopefully the old bear cat and the other gigantor calico made it through the winter safely.  and this is a surprisingly decent picture for being taken through a nasty window and screen.
frank admiring the almost translucent window covering he so effectively tears to hell
evil eye.  ward that shit off.
semi-healthy molasses crackles
this batch of dough sat in the fridge for ..a day and half cos i was too lazy to finish after making the first 50 cookies.  unfortunately, extra gluten something something time fucked up the dough and instead of being deliciously dense and chewy..they were crunchy on the outside and just barely cooked on the inside.  and much less crackly.  but the good ones had already been in the freezer for.. a day and a half.  so no good pics.
just in case you wanted to know what frank would look like as a brunette.

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