Tuesday, February 28, 2012

jello shot booze cake

whenever there's cake, there is bound to be a party.  if it's booze cake... well you do the math.

Friday, February 24, 2012

wake and bake

no, no.  not in that sense.  but i did make a shitload of food yesterday that any stoner would have appreciated.  i woke up too late to go to yoga, didnt feel like going anywhere else...and decided to cook.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

the 5 sister wife dresses

i could have sworn these pics werent blurry when i took them in the middle of the day with mostly natural light for once.  bahh

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

soul snatching

if you look into the kitty eye too long it devours your soul, your livelihood, and possibly your checking account/credit history.

liz's laundry

  • leather jacket: from mums
  • scarf: h&m
  • dress and cardigan: thrifted
  • heattech leggings: uniqlo
  • frankers: hell
kitties are the fashionable accessory this season.  also quite needy when i return home after... 2 hours.
  • blazer and dress: thrifted
  • scarf: boutique downtown
  • tights: target
  • velour boots: pulp [new zealand]
  • blazer: kenneth cole
  • shell: old navy
  • skirt: thifted
  • tights: calvin klein [from filenes basement]
  • shirtdress and skinny pants: h&m
  • slightly perturbed look: idk

Friday, February 17, 2012

red white and blue thrift?

blue stripey satiny skirt, white tiered pencil skirt, stretchy target skirt that i think i used to own in black

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

vday tradition

welp this marks year 2 of whoopie pie baking on valentines day.  seems like the start of a great life-long habit no?  i took pics to show a friend on fb, but they turned out pretty well if i do say so.

dont drool.

valentines crapola

i get dressed up to go to the grocery store.  cos its the only place i go besides the gym or yoga.  or bars.  to cry into beers about my joblessness. 
  • tee: gap
  • skirt and pink scarf: thrifted
  • blue plaid scarf: cut off a thrifted dress
and some npr valentines.  cos im a pinko leftist.  getoverit.
Source: npr.org via Liz on Pinterest

Source: npr.org via Liz on Pinterest

Source: npr.org via Liz on Pinterest

Monday, February 13, 2012

free time

soo ive had a lot of idle time over the past month and a half, post-graduation and my foray into unemployment.  though im still considering waiting tables again, i am waiting to hear back about temp administrative positions [read: regular hours and pay].  and um.. like 6 engineering postings.  im not holding my breath.

but enough bitching.  ive made some shit.  check it out and let me know if you/friends/family/granny would be interested in buying.  i set up an etsy store before and basically forced my friends to buy things.. but its a hassle for 3 total sales.  i price things fairly [materials + time] and i dont post things like OMG ONE OF A KIND BUY NOW ITS AWESOME YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS NOW $3000!!!! ON SALE!!. 

those really piss me off.  so click the tab that says "handmade stuff" and let me know thoughts.  kthx

Saturday, February 11, 2012

liz's laundry [and sewing]

a lovely polyester house dress i thrifted for $2.99.  sort of a subtle leopard print.  i tried for awhile to sort out what to do with the horrendous batwing sleeves.  occasionally they are tolerable, but when attached to very tapered tightly cuffed long sleeves...not so great.  and there is a secret inverted back pleat that i discovered after painstakingly pinning the sleeves and sides into a normal shape.  so i ended up chopping the arms off leaving gaping sides.  then out of sheer laziness i didnt bust out the serger and sewed a rolled hem at each arm hole and along the bottom hem.  poor choice.  but its done.  ish.

i might add a neck tie with the leftover sleeves/hem.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

12 step program

how to stop finding awesome things in the thrift store for cheap?

step 1:  stop going to thrift stores. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

frank interlude

what is frank looking at today?

the naughty senator

my mom has a copy of all cakes considered.  a year's worth of cakes tried and tested by the all things considered staff.  for mums' bday, i made the naughty senator cake.  basically a marbled rum grasshopper.  
before the terrifying stage of de-panning [?]
avec butter rum glaze
turns out my marbling skills need work.  the green is peppermint flavored, the brown is chocolate rum flavored. 

the mums has also chartreuse plates and depending on the lighting, are basically the same color as the peppermint part of the cake.  definitely worth trying again [i copied down the recipe before i left] and maybe with one of the cookbook variations - chocolate/vanilla, choco/red raspberry, maybe lemon/choco with my lemon vodka?  and with dark chocolate cocoa... mmm the possibilities. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

more thrifts, no smiles

part 2 of the bangor goodwill trip.  and yes i do look rather dour in most of these pics.  but i am generally a happy person.  despite being unemployed and practically penniless... i have my shit together and its decent.  plus i have an interview at a temp company on tuesday so that hopefully will yield SOMETHING until can find an engineering job...
yet another silk paisley shirt that i thrifted... but this one is less piratey and has a tie at the neck.  i also thrifted the skirt and they happen to match quite nicely.  i have now purchased two red skirts [for $2.50 each] and have absolutely nowhere to wear them.  nor have i really ever worn red before in my life. 
a lovely vintage korean polyester shirt [with old navy skirt i bought in december for $7].  the shirt despite being made of plastic doesnt feel as cheap as some, but it will definitely be a winter-only shirt as it breathes like an asthmatic in a 5k.
i feel a little minnie mouse in this outfit, but i seem to be accumulating polka dot dresses with full skirts and school girl sweaters.  idk what that says explicitly about me..  lets not psychoanalyze that. 
a boden dress!  hell yea!  initially when i tried this on i was amazed at how unflattering it was.  pretty much a product of being on a hanger too long and my initial wash evened some things out.  unfortunately it is just the tiniest bit too low cut so i will probably wear a tank underneath.  then again its not like my massive boobage is hanging out there so as long as my bra isnt showing i might reconsider... 
aaand a yakpak purse for $5!  i remember seeing this in delias or the like ...maybe 6 years ago?  for about $45.  its a frikkin canvas purse with no internal pockets.  granted i should [could?] make something like this but where would i find adorable bird prints?  and since its canvas i just threw it in the washer with everything else i bought and the little bit of dingy went away and it smells like detergent instead of goodwill sanitizing chemicals. 

linking up to meagan's thursdays are for thrifters , erica's recycled fashion finds, and shana's thrifters anonymous

a good[der] goodwill

between the job fair [no joy] and dinner with friends from school... i went to another goodwill in bangor.  lets just say...this one shows up the other two i went to here in portland. 
more wine glasses for my mismatched collection
vintage pyrex set in the "old orchard" pattern.  and yes i did know about the pyrex love site.  i follow on google reader.  but it isnt updated much.  apparently im missing a bowl but for $10 im ok with it. 

now if only i could find appropriately sized lids..

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