Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the naughty senator

my mom has a copy of all cakes considered.  a year's worth of cakes tried and tested by the all things considered staff.  for mums' bday, i made the naughty senator cake.  basically a marbled rum grasshopper.  
before the terrifying stage of de-panning [?]
avec butter rum glaze
turns out my marbling skills need work.  the green is peppermint flavored, the brown is chocolate rum flavored. 

the mums has also chartreuse plates and depending on the lighting, are basically the same color as the peppermint part of the cake.  definitely worth trying again [i copied down the recipe before i left] and maybe with one of the cookbook variations - chocolate/vanilla, choco/red raspberry, maybe lemon/choco with my lemon vodka?  and with dark chocolate cocoa... mmm the possibilities. 


  1. I can't marble for crap! This cake looks ahhhhmayzing!

  2. there were very explicit directions on how to turn the pan and which way to marble... but i was afraid of making a disturbing poo color


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