Saturday, February 11, 2012

liz's laundry [and sewing]

a lovely polyester house dress i thrifted for $2.99.  sort of a subtle leopard print.  i tried for awhile to sort out what to do with the horrendous batwing sleeves.  occasionally they are tolerable, but when attached to very tapered tightly cuffed long sleeves...not so great.  and there is a secret inverted back pleat that i discovered after painstakingly pinning the sleeves and sides into a normal shape.  so i ended up chopping the arms off leaving gaping sides.  then out of sheer laziness i didnt bust out the serger and sewed a rolled hem at each arm hole and along the bottom hem.  poor choice.  but its done.  ish.

i might add a neck tie with the leftover sleeves/hem.

yes i know this picture is ridiculously dark and you can barely discern what im wearing.  its not all black i swear.
  • green tunic: urban outfitters
  • paisley skirt: thrifted
  • leggings: charlotte russe
  • blazer and dress: thrifted
  • tights: target
  • green tunic: still from UO
  • vest: romeo & juliet couture [from marshalls]
  • scarf: target
  • jeggings: uniqlo


  1. I think you did a great job with the refashioning the dress looks cuter and updated now. I actually like it without the sleeves, looks more edgy. And great formal and casual outfits too!


  2. thank you! i wore the dress to a bbq and even though its the dead of winter, it was a bit tropical indoors so i glad i took the sleeves off!

  3. i like the dress re-make. if you see any grandpa-y cardigans, can you let me know?

  4. shanks. i assume in grandpappy colors? grey, blue, tan... not black


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