Monday, February 13, 2012

free time

soo ive had a lot of idle time over the past month and a half, post-graduation and my foray into unemployment.  though im still considering waiting tables again, i am waiting to hear back about temp administrative positions [read: regular hours and pay].  and um.. like 6 engineering postings.  im not holding my breath.

but enough bitching.  ive made some shit.  check it out and let me know if you/friends/family/granny would be interested in buying.  i set up an etsy store before and basically forced my friends to buy things.. but its a hassle for 3 total sales.  i price things fairly [materials + time] and i dont post things like OMG ONE OF A KIND BUY NOW ITS AWESOME YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS NOW $3000!!!! ON SALE!!. 

those really piss me off.  so click the tab that says "handmade stuff" and let me know thoughts.  kthx

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