Thursday, February 23, 2012

the 5 sister wife dresses

i could have sworn these pics werent blurry when i took them in the middle of the day with mostly natural light for once.  bahh

but i fixed those hideous little darlings right up.  
simple cropped length and then i made a belt out of the excess
cut off the sleeves which are nicely layered under the weird shoulder pleat, 12" of fabric from the bottom, made another belt, and took in each side about 3"
cut out a tank top neckline and made bias tape for the neck and arm holes, took in both sides [and the crotch-high side slits] about 2", added a button at the bottom and a snap at the top for decency's sake.
removed the top half and turned back-to-front, serged both top and bottom and did a simple foldover hem
chopped off about 14", fortunately kept the pockets

and what all did i waste?  weeeell not too much actually.  the bottom of the purple dress is slit pretty high since it was low-calf length to begin with but idk what to do with two rectangles of purple stuff.  the pink floral top was pretty much unsalvageable but the bottom that i cut off went into my fabric stash pile.  aaand the green dress had one sleeve left [the other was sacrificed for bias tape], while the blue and white dress has two sleeves intact and frankly quite useless.
frank supervised.

linking up to erica's recycled fashion finds #34

Recycled Fashion

Recycled Fashion


  1. frank always supervises! lol. you're getting quite good at that stuff.

  2. turns out ive got a lot of time on my hands...

  3. Oh my gush you are very talented. I love them all but my favorite are 2,3,5 on you.


  4. thanks! im pretty impressed the green snake print one came out as well as it did. but i did cheat by putting shoulder strap ties in instead of darts.. but its good enough for a $4 thrifted piece

  5. Wow, I am very impressed by all of these! Well done you! Nice cat too :)

  6. thanks for featuring me on your round up from last week! i actually did all the dress in one marathon afternoon/evening after id been staring at them for days

  7. So so sad. Not worth commenting. Get a job, all of you, including the kids at 16. Carry your own weight and teach your kids o do the same. Reality TV is not your bailout.


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