Friday, February 3, 2012

a good[der] goodwill

between the job fair [no joy] and dinner with friends from school... i went to another goodwill in bangor.  lets just say...this one shows up the other two i went to here in portland. 
more wine glasses for my mismatched collection
vintage pyrex set in the "old orchard" pattern.  and yes i did know about the pyrex love site.  i follow on google reader.  but it isnt updated much.  apparently im missing a bowl but for $10 im ok with it. 

now if only i could find appropriately sized lids..

being a horder... of course i also picked up some clothes.  i only tried on/bought items that fit me off the rack.  apparently this is how most people shop.  not with the intention of completely disassembling an article of clothing.  who knew?

4 dresses, $5 each
[click any to enlarge]

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